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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th November 2021 Written Update

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Kuljeet calling Guneet and illuminating that the person left from the house to his home. Guneet asks what the person name is. Kuljeet says Yuvraj. Kuljeet apologizes to Guneet for what’s going on. Guneet says that it has happened one day and says that he likewise needs Amrita to settle down, she gets a decent soul mate. Nimmo shows up there and catches their discussion. Guneet asks Kuljeet a few and says that they will get Amrita hitched once more.

Guneet turns and track down Nimmo. He asks what she’s doing here. Nimmo says that he’s talking with Kuljeet about Amrita’s subsequent marriage, that is the reason a few days ago Msnsoor and Dadaji examined about something very similar. Guneet shuts the room entryway and attempts to disclose to Nimmo. The last option responds irately and inquires as to whether they’re fixed Amrita’s coalition. Guneet denies it and says that Kuljeet reminded him about old guarantee when he has come for Amrita’s conveyance. Nimmo asks what guarantee. Guneet enlightens her regarding his guarantee of getting Amrita remarried to Kuljeet. Nimmo contends with Guneet asking who has given Guneet and Dadaji the privileges to choose it without asking to her and other relatives. Nimmo reproves Kuljeet for having this idea. Guneet shields Kuljeet saying that he’s a dad.

Guneet says that they need to get Amrita remarried assuming they need her bliss. Nimmo inquires as to whether Amrita is familiar with it, assuming she likewise needs to get hitched. Guneet says that Amrita doesn’t have some familiarity with about it and requests that Nimmo not tell her. Nimmo gets some information about Amrita’s future without asking her. Amrita thumps on the entryway inquiring as to why they’re contending. Guneet demands Nimmo to not tell anything to Amrita and opens the entryway. Guneet says to Amrita that Nimmo is chastening him as his pulse got high. Amrita asks Guneet what’s pestering, Kabir additionally landed position his back and his shop is running great. Guneet guarantees her that he will deal with himself and sends her.

Nimmo says that she will remain silent as she would rather not ruin the family’s climate and his wellbeing, however they haven’t completed the process of talking. Amrita and Ansh are a piece of this family perpetually, Amrita can leave assuming she needs to get hitched, yet she needs to pass on giving Ansh to them. Nimmo requests that Guneet rest as Kuljeet’s visitor will be coming. She leaves. Amrita is dubious that something is off-putting that is the reason Guneet and Nimmo were battling. Ansh cries. Amrita quiets him down. Soni brings garments for Amrita and requests that she prepare. Amrita declines, yet Soni persuades her to wear for the good of Karen. Amrita concurs.

Pritam and his companions examine the person that they have catched with Miko. Pritam requests that the man say who he’s, and who’s his chief. The man goes about as he is clueless. Pritam requests that his companions beat him. They comply. Amrita decks up. Kabir prods Amrita and tongue in cheek inquires as to whether she prepared for the person who is visiting them. Amrita blows up and chides Kabir. Kabir says sorry. Amrita says that she prepared for her Karan. They hear entryway chime sound.

Amrita says that assuming it’s Pritam, she needs to chide him. Kabir opens the entryway and tracks down a person, who presents himself as Yuvaraj. The last option says that he has come to meet Amrita. Soni says to Amrita that her father’s companion’s child is running. Amrita chastens Soni and sends her to really look at the courses of action. Kabir stops for a moment to chat with Yuvaraj. Guneet shows up there and invites Yuvaraj in. Guneet sees Amrita watching this and requests that she meet him. She gestures alright. Yuvaraj meets the Sakhujas. Guneet calls Nimmo to come. Yuvaraj welcomes Nimmo. Guneet requests that Soni bring Amrita. Dadaji and Kabir stop for a moment to chat with Yuvaraj. Amrita shows up there and meets Yuvaraj. Nimmo looks on.


Precap: Pritam brings rasgulla to everybody. Amrita contends with Pritam saying that she doesn’t care for Rasgulla. Pritam says that he brought jelabi and one more sweet for her. Yuvaraj says that it appears they know one another well overall.

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