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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th November 2021 Written Update

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Nothing and Pritam showing up at Sehgal’s home. Nithin is in the police uniform while Pritam in relaxed garments. Naveen gets stunned on seeing them and asks what they’re doing here. They disregard him and meet Krishnakant, who requests that they sit. Naveen inquires as to whether they are police.

Pritam says that his companion is police and he has come to help him as his father knows Sakhujas. Pritam says that he has two get things done to get out ot this wreck. Nithin requests that Naveen guarantee to not ingest medications once more. Nithin says that he will not as his father of mindful it and presently he will deal with it. Krishnakant guarantees them of doing likewise. Nothing requests that Naveen tell the street pharmacists name that he knows, he will liberate him from this case.

Naveen says that he doesn’t know anybody. Pritam inclinations Naveen to reply and requests that Krishnakant persuade his child come clean else he will get imprisoned for one year. Krishnakant reprimands Naveen and requests that he tell the street pharmacists name. Naveen says that they will not leave him. Pritam requests that Nithin guarantee Naveen that they will secure him. Nithin does as such and Naveen tells about the street pharmacists he knows.

Pritam signs Nithin and he asks where Niko is. Naveen asks who is Miko. Nithin says that the one provided drugs in the party. Naveen found in the party and gets strained. Pritam requests that Naveen call Niko and request drugs. Pritam further says to give Niko the location they give him. Naveen does as such.

Kuljeet is concerned reviewing his conversation with Guneet. He laments of consulting with Guneet about the marriage collusion for Amrita and says to Saroj that Guneet was harmed. Kuljeet stresses that Sakhujas can get injured in case the husband to be says anything wrong to them. Saroj says that Jageet probably caused Yuvraj to get everything. Yuvraj will meet Amrita and will give Sakhujas regard. Amrita telephones Kuljeet and asks what he told to Guneet that he has become vexed. Kuljeet inquires as to whether Guneet told her anything.

Amrita says that left to the shop in the wake of telling with regards to a visitor’s appearance and asks who is coming. Kuljeet says that his companion’s child is coming from Canada. Amrita asks who is this new Canada companion as she most likely is aware every one of his companions. She inquires as to whether it’s not Navjeet’s child and requests to not send him else she will hit him with her shoes. Kuljeet says that it’s not him, it’s another person, she doesn’t have any acquaintance with him. He’s his client’s child. He says that he will come and leave subsequent to meeting them. Saroj takes the telephone and requests that Amrita get deck up for the night.

Amrita won’t prepare for a visitor. Saroj says that he’s a hero and requests that Amrita serve him espresso and take great consideration of him. Amrita blows up. Soni shows up there and inquires as to why she’s contending with her mom. Amrita requests that Soni talk. Saroj says to Soni that she requested that Amrita deck up well so the visitor can see the Sakhujas are taking great consideration of Amrita.

Soni consents to cause Amrita to prepare. The house keeper shows up there and gives an ATM card that she found on the porch. Soni and Amrita read Pritam’s name on the card and acknowledges it was his card. They choose to call Pritam. Guneet returns home. Soni and Amrita are amazed that Guneet got back ahead of schedule. Guneet yells at his relatives for not keeping the house clean when the visitor is coming. He requests that the house cleaner clean everything. Dadaji says that Guneet is going about as husband to be family is coming to see the young lady.

Guneet inquires as to whether he found a matchbfor Soni. The last option says that she would rather not get hitched now. Guneet yells at Nimmo and inquires as to whether they need to embarrass him before the visitor who is coming from Canada. He requests that they submit to him quietly. Guneet feels discombobulated and plunks down. Family gets stressed and checks his pulse. They observe Guneet’s BP is high. Amrita asks what occurred, why he’s concerned from the morning. Guneet doesn’t say anything and says that his family making him concur, they stare at the TV and cook pakode when the visitor is showing up. They generally guarantee that they clean everything prior to evening. Amrita looks stressed.

Pritam and his companions show up at a café to get Niko. They see him conversing with somebody. Pritam says to his companions that it very well may be a provider or client. They choose to sit and watch what’s going on. He takes a gander at Ansh’s photograph in his telephone and grins. Amrita is stressed over Guneet. Soni shows up there and sees Pritam’s check card is still there and says that she will call and illuminate him.

Amrita requests that Soni change couch cover else Guneet will blow up and says that she will call Pritam. Soni complies. Pritam and his companions see the other man giving Niko a pracel and says it seemshe is a major seller. Amrita telephones Pritam. His companions requests that Pritam talk saying it very well may be any crisis and says that they will watch them. Pritam goes separated to talk. Amrita says that she got his charge card.

Pritam says that it’s terminated and requests to cut the call as he’s occupied. Amrita contends with Pritam. Pritam separates the call seeing Niko and the other man circumventing seeing them. Pritam gets the other man while Niko get away. Amrita resents Pritam for hanging the call and regrets about it to Ansh.


Precap: Nimmo catches Guneet and Kuljeet’s discussion over telephone about Amrita’s subsequent marriage. Yuvraj shows up at Sakhujas and meets Amrita.

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