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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd October 2021 Written Update

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Nimmo saying to Biji that Soni is acting uniquely in contrast to the previous evening. Biji gets some information about final evening episode. Amrita concurs with Biji saying that Soni likewise failed to remember it. Guneet returns home and says that Kabir is missing. Nimmo says to Amrita that this is the explanation she admonishes Kabir. The servant asks whose underwear it’s. Other hand Pritam is looking through his underwear that he put to dry. Family examine whose underwear it very well may be and Pritam sees this. The house keeper says that she got it from the porch.

Amrita says that then most certainly it has a place with any men of their family. Guneet says that they check the underwear size to discover whose underwear it’s. They all joke and snicker. Pritam comes there and asks what’s the issue in that article of clothing, they’re examining about it from long time. Dadaji says that it’s Pritam’s underwear. Biji and Dadaji ridicule Pritam saying that he wears detached underwear and all burst giggling.

Pritam gets irritated. Soni requests that they quit snickering and requests that Pritam take his underwear and chuckles. Guneet requests that Pritam not blow up, they’re simply kidding. Nimmo says that Pritam is to blame, he should dry his garments independently. Pritam concurs and leaves. Family snickers.

Meera is reviewing Naveen ongoing demonstrations and considers what befell Naveen. She hears some super nice and asks who is there. Kabir comes and shuts Meera’s mouth and deliveries her after she guaranteed him to not yell. He says that he has gotten through the gallery so her father doesn’t see him. She inquires as to why he has come here. Kabir says that he feel choked to work in his father’s shop and demands Meera to assist him with finding a new line of work like her father helped Angad.

Meera snickers on seeing his jokes and says that Angad is capable, yet he’s a fake. Kabir says that he saved from falling in office, he demands Meera. They get stunned Krudhnakant getting down on Meera. Meera requests that Kabir take cover behind the entryway. Krudhnakant shows up there and asks Meera with whom she was talking. Meera lies that she was talking over telephone and telephone was in amplifier. She was conversing with the specialist about Naveen’s changed conduct.

Krishankant says that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what befallen Naveen, he pushed her down. Krishankant needs to talk about sitting in the overhang. Meera says to go down as she needs to drink espresso. Krishankant says that he will make espresso and leaves. Kabir says to Meera that she deceived him, Naveen gave her this physical issue and asks where he’s.

Meera says that Naveen is her sibling and requests that he avoid their family matter. Kabir says that Naveen got ruined after her father become rich and reprimands him. Meera cautions him to not denounce her sibling and requests that Kabir leave. Kabir argues to converse with the supervisor for his work. Meera concurs and requests that he go out from the manner in which he has come.

Pritam is fixing nail in the divider to dry his garments independently. Shakujas get upset with the commotion. Pritam is furious as Shakujas had a significant conversation about his underwear and gets injured. Soni goes to check and says to her family that his finger is dying. Shakujas request that Pritam get down to do medical aid, however he rejects. Amrita admonishes Pritam for not paying attention to older folks and orders him to get down. Pritam at last consents to descend.

Meera’s supervisor declines to reappoint Kabir in his office. Meera attempts to persuade him saying that he met Kabir’s dad and he was miserable. The manager says that he got baffled more subsequent to meeting his father and his sibling, who are crown champions. Kabir is a fake and he is a stain to that family. Meera attempts to safeguard him, yet the manager says Meera can likewise leave on the off chance that she upholds Kabir. Meera apologizes and leaves. Meera telephones Kabir and says that the manager declined and he got more furious subsequent to meeting his father and encourages to work at his father’s shop for quite a while.

Amrita treats Pritam’s injury. Biji says that Amrita is the specialist of their home, she treats on the off chance that anybody gets injured. Pritam checks out Amrita while she’s doing his swathe. Amrita says that it’s done and encourages to not accomplish any work out of frustration else he will hurt himself. Pritam says that he comprehended and says thanks to her. Dadaji says that Pritam can dry his garments on their substitute one side and requests to put a sticker on its underwear to stay away from disarray.

Dadaji kids about the underwear. Amrita says to Pritam to change his wrap the following day. Soni requests that he tell her, she will change. Pritam says that he will get changed. Nimmo says Pritam to not neglect to get the infusion. Amrita says that he will not. Pritam scowls at Amrita.


Precap: Amrita has come to check with Nimmo. Vikasha clicks Amrita photograph, yet the medical attendant gets her. The specialist asks the attendant who is outside. The attendant says that her patient’s family member. Nimmo says that she’s Amrita’s family member and asks who is outside. Vikasha gets strained.

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