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Ziddi Dil Maane Na 7th October 2021 Written Update

Ziddi Dil Maane Na

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 7th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Mona embracing a tree and crying reviewing Sid. Saumya comes there and asks the justification behind it and inquires as to whether it’s because of her sweetheart. Mona says that not in view of beau but since of closest companion. Saumya says that her closest companion is great however will be excessively occupied. Mona says that her companion is sweet as well yet is truly perky and accomplishes no work. Karan comes there. The two of them sit and talk and offer their subtleties. Mona recommends to have frozen yogurt however Saumya shows her siphon. Mona inquires as to whether she has asthma and she gestures yes. Saumya says that her best bud is accompanying her number one food. Mona inquires as to whether she would acquaint her with her best friend yet Saumya requests that she play with her for it. Mona concurs and the two of them begins playing. In the process Saumya’s siphon tumbles down.

Karan is looking for Saumya when Saumya abruptly gets asthma assault. Mona looks for her siphon yet thinks that it is absent. Saumya’s guardian and Suman comes there and Mona requests that they look for Saumya’s pocket. She takes care of espresso to Saumya. Karan gets stunned seeing Saumya’s condition and yells Baby. He takes a stab at awakening her when Mona gets stunned seeing him address Saumya as Baby. She comprehends her goof and gets stunned. Karan chastens her for drawing close to Saumya and cautions her to remain away. He takes her to jeep and Monami argues to accompany him. Karan through and through rejects her and cautions her to avoid his own life.

Mona feels remorseful and needs to apologize. She and Suman follows Karan in auto and arrives at medical clinic. They hurry to crisis ward where Saumya is getting treated. Karan yells at her for coming there and his Bhabhi requests that he keep up with cool. He blows up at her. Specialist lauds the individual who took care of her caffeine. Saumya’s mom comes there and apologizes her in the spot of Karan. Mona asks her not to as its her shortcoming. Saumya’s mom says that Karan dislike this until he lost him sibling Param Shergill. She says that the two of them were in a similar mission where he was unable to save Karan. She says that he faults himself for it and treats Saumya as his sibling. She says that they are his main family. Mona feels considerably more remorseful she feels calmed seeing Saumya joyfully playing with Karan.

Koel presumes somebody following her. She finds that its Rawat and gets astounded. Rawat says its her who made Karan and Monami’s video. He says that it was him who erased the CCTV film else she would have gotten. Koel gets stunned. She asks what does he need from her. He calls her keen and asks her the justification behind her expectation to toss Karan out of the institute. Koel reviews Karan cautioning her to not disrupt the norms. Rawat requests that she help him in tossing Karan out of the foundation. Koel denies when Rawat takes steps to release her reality. Koel frenzies and consents to help him. Consequently she requests his guarantee to not toss her out of the institute regardless occurs. He concurred however she needs composed arrangement. Rawat says that she has 72 hours to toss Karan out and the two of them strike an arrangement.


Precap : Monami finds that kidney burglary is going on in the medical clinic and advises it to Karan.

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