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Ziddi Dil Maane Na 21st October 2021 Written Update

Ziddi Dil Maane Na

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 21st October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Monami minding Karan’s journal and conceals hearing his voice. Karan disrobes himself while Monami feels bashful. She gets away from when she was occupied. Sid battles to do know the sewing as he just watched recordings. Sanjana shows him while he respects her. He battles to gather his contemplations with her being near him. Sanjana also takes looks at him. She grins faintly.

They together beginnings sewing when Monami jumps in. She is going to leave when Sanjana stops her and says she was simply instructing him. She passes on requesting to inquire as to whether he has any uncertainty. Sid gets baffled on Monami for jumping in ay some unacceptable time. Monami finds out if he checked for twisted close by and Sid gestures no. Monami gets annoyed with him and erupts at him.

Monami is with different cadets when Koel says her that she had a go at checking for Faizi’s injury by pouring espresso on him yet fizzled. Monami considers what to do when Sid gives her plan to blend resting pills in their food and check for their injury when they are snoozing. Monami likes the thought and chooses to carry out it. Mona goes to her room and discovers a gift with thanks note from Karan. She gets excessively energized and yells in her energy. She checks the gift box just to think that it is vacant. Sid taunts at her and it is uncovered that he was the person who sent the gift. He prods Mona with Karan yet she continues to deny. When he leaves she reviews her minutes with Karan and marvels about her affections for himself and grins.

Everybody are having food and cadets sees the mentors having kheer. Sid and Monami blended resting medication in the kheer. Sanjans doesn’t have the kheer so Faizi haves hers as well. Around evening time when everybody are dozing every one of the cadets go to various coaches space to beware of their injuries. Monami and Sid keeps an eye on Karan and Faizi’s arm separately and grins as they discovered the assailant. Chitra and Suman goes to Sanjana’s room who was conscious as she didn’t have the kheer. She gets them and stifles on them. Everybody comes there hearing the sound and Karan asks what’s going on with they.

Monami says they discovered the assailant and Faizi comes there. Karan sees the notification stuck on his back saying that he’s the aggressor and mole. Monami reports that their central goal is effective and requests that he satisfy his guarantee to concede a wish for them. Karan concurs and everybody examine concerning what to ask as their desire. They at last choose excursion and Karan concurs. Sanjana finds out if he’s truly consenting to take them to excursion.

Karan requests that she see them filling in collectively interestingly. He says that let them initially learn group building. Everybody leaves. Karan calls Monami and Monami rehashes what Karan said. She says she just took care of her work as the skipper and in case there’s any other individual in her place they would’ve done likewise. Faizi is so finished with Karan’s harshness while Karan thinks about what’s going on did he do.


Precap : Suman will hear Monami admitting her adoration to a photograph. She will illuminate about it to the wide range of various cadets in outing and they will interest to think about the individual who she’s enamored with.

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