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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th December 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th December 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Abhi rushing to Manjiri. He requests that she open her eyes. He says truly grieved. He races to get the emergency treatment unit. Harsh gets down on Anand. Abhi really looks at Manjiri. He takes the infusion and stops. Mahima gives the infusion. Unforgiving asks what occurred. Anand says it happened on account of pressure. Parth says we can give her the saline. Mahima asks does he know it, or should she know. Abhi apologizes to Manjiri.

Akhilesh and Manish play table tennis. He says games cause us to dispose of pressure. Manish says we have an association with Birlas through Aarohi, I feel we have another association. Akhilesh says like you and Kartik. Manish says OK, I see Kartik in Abhi and myself in Harsh. Akhilesh says there is some confidential between them. Manish says I feel there is some unfortunate mix-up between them. Akshu hears this and says Abhi’s family has a few issues, there is some mysterious that they act unusually, I simply trust everything gets fine. Neil requests that Abhi drink water, mum will get cognizant. Parth asks what was the matter that she got impacted.

Harsh says just Manjiri can tell us. Anand says let her rest. Mahima says she has a low BP issue, we should be extra cautious. Manjiri stresses for Abhi’s marriage. She mumbles. Abhi organizes a puja for Manjiri. He requests that Harsh sit. Everybody sits in the supplication. Abhi petitions God for Manjiri’s wellbeing. Neil says he cherishes Manjiri a great deal. Nishta figures I will transfer the story, Manjiri will get supplications. Parth actually takes a look at Manjiri. Suwarna requests that Akshu give the things to the poor external the sanctuary. Akshu gestures. Aarohi comes and says you got excused by everybody. Akshu says you talk so severe, its great that things got fine.

Aarohi says it will get fine when Abhi and I get together. Akshu actually takes a look at the web-based media. She gets Abhi’s video. She says Abhi looks resentful, I trust all is well there, Manjiri isn’t there, something happened to her. Abhi petitions God for Manjiri. Manjiri gets cognizant and says Abhi. She cries and says you did Maha Mrityunjay jaap. He says you instructed me. Anand asks what occurred. Abhi says I was battling with Sir. Anand says we will finish tests tomorrow. Harsh says Abhi get ready for the clinical camp. Abhi says I will not go. Manjiri says helpless children need you there, go. Anand says its demon that you go. Abhi says sorry mum.

She says my plate tumbled down, I was unable to do the puja at the sanctuary. He says I will finish your puja. Dadi and Aarohi go to give the things. Akshu goes to pandit and requests that he appeal to God for Manjiri Birla. Abhi comes there. They petition God for Manjiri. He hears pandit taking Manjiri’s name. Pandit gives the plate to Aarohi. Abhi sees Aarohi. Akshu is for certain children. Aarohi figures Akshu would have given this chadava. Abhi says Aarohi is petitioning God for mum. He expresses profound gratitude. He sees her gone. He says I will say her thanks in the medical clinic.

Its evening, Aarohi says its my first medical procedure under Dr. Abhi, I m so invigorated. She receives the message, Abhi will leave for Shivir, Dr. Uma will head the medical procedure. She says Abhi will go to Shivi. Akshu asks would i be able to go along and help you. Vansh says OK, obviously. Aarohi says I m not a washout, I will set up a PR plan, Harsh will send me to Shivir, Abhi will be with me, its a decent opportunity to draw near to him. She calls Harsh.

Its morning, Abhi asks how are you feeling now. Manjiri says I m fine, I did the puja additionally, you need to proceed to treat poor people, I guarantee I will simply take rest, Aarohi has sent medications for me, you go, you don’t discuss those things once more. He says sorry. She says I m terrified of your outrage, nobody is familiar with it, I will ask that you get harmony in this Shivir, you really want a break. He says favor me, break sometimes falls short for me. She says you guarantee me, you will contemplate marriage, you love Akshu, we had attempted, we can’t constrain somebody. He says OK.

She says we ought to consume the time on earth with one who loves us, not the one we love, its my fantasy to see you turning into a man of the hour, I will get harmony when you get an accomplice, cherishing somebody isn’t awful, its not right to sit around idly after somebody, you need to track down a way, I need you to ponder Aarohi once, she prefers you, she is a specialist, you both can comprehend your work, assuming anything happens to me, then, at that point, what will occur of me. He doesn’t say anything will occur. She says your satisfaction is my medication, guarantee me. He says I can’t guarantee, I will attempt to think. She says its enough for me. He requests that she fare thee well. She appeals to God for him.

Aarohi gets late and misses the van. She says I neglected to charge my telephone, they left me here, I will arrive at Abhi, he is only mine, I will get some lift coming. She gets terrified. She picks a stone. She goes to see. Abhi actually takes a look at his bicycle. He thinks what am I thinking now, no I can’t. Akshu staggers and falls over him. Jaaniye… .plays…


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