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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th Sep 2021 Written Update: Gayu startles Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Today’s episode begins with a biography of Naira. Kartik came and Sirat explained to her that she was just fixing the Naira frame. Kartik briefed Sirat about the photo shoot. He tells Sirat to get ready. Kartik asks Sirat if he is under pressure. She added that she could share with him because they had promised each other that they would not hide anything. Sirat tells Kartik that she is not hiding anything.

Next, Sirat meets Gayu to talk about a second marriage. But failed to speak when Akshay started crying. According to Sirat, it is difficult to talk to Gayu about remarriage. She added that she did not know how Naira managed everything. Sirat goes to meet Akshu. Kairav and Vansh try to please Akshay with Sirat. Kartik comes and asks Sirat to bring food for Akshu. Meanwhile, Akshay stopped crying after watching Naira dance on TV. Watch the return of Sirat and Naira dance. Kartik told Sirat that Naira was fond of everything. Sirat decided to become Naira. Kartik asks Sirat if she needs any help in persuading Gayu for a second marriage. Sirat tells Kartik that she will make arrangements. She thinks she has to be like Naira and convince Gayu .

Later, Sirat advised Gayu to give his married life a second chance. Gayu broke Suhasini and Swarna sent Sirat to convince him. She decides to move on with Vansh and Vatsal. Gayu lied to Sirat that she would consider his offer. Suhasini praised Sira and said that she handles the matter like Naira. Sirat says that Gayu has not said yes yet. Suhasini says she should call the groom’s family. Sirat says it is quiet soon. Suhasini and Swarana say they should meet Gayu’s family.

Manish is skeptical of Sirat and says that she cannot be Naira and what will happen if she has to pay the price for Sirat’s action. He added that Sirat can never be like Naira and gets angry at Suhasini and Swarana for giving Sirat a task. Sirat listened to Manish and said that she would soon fill the gap and completely change like Naira.

Next, Sirat is looking for Kairav and Vansh to learn English. Later, Sirat tries to impress Kartik by speaking in English. Kartik asks Sirat if she is learning English of her own free will or under pressure. Sirat revealed that she is learning for herself. Kartik praised Kairav and Vansh for helping Sirat. Kartik praised Sira for persuading Gayu. He asks Sirat to persuade Gayu to meet the boy somewhere else. Sirat decided to talk to Gayu again.


Precape: Manish and Surekha get angry at Sirat for taking the cow to meet the boy without talking to him. He says that Sirat can never be Naira. Sirat is standing crying.

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