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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th Sep 2021 Written Update: Kartik awaits for Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The present scene begins with women out there asking Sirat to decked like a love bird as barely any days back just she got hitched. Swarna countered Sirat and said that she was going out. Suhasini inquires as to whether she was going out. Sirat untruth and gestures no. Suhasini requests that Sirat plan tea and snacks for women. Woman out there says to Suhasini that lookwise Sirat resembles Naira however in case she is wonderful like her as well.

Swarna gets incensed with the women. Gayu asks Sirat for what valid reason she didn’t revealed to Suhasini that she was going out. Sirat inquires as to whether they will help her in getting ready tidbits like Naira. Swarna asks Sirat not to stress as she will get ready more great than Naira. Gayu tells Sira that it will take him many years to become like Naira. There, Kartik masterminds a photoshoot for Sirat.

Sirat with the assistance of Gayu and Swanra get ready tea and snacks for Suhasini and her companions. Kartik hang tight for Sirat. Man out there says Sirat is simply not a fighter but rather Goenkas girl in law and may be stuck in family work. Sirat fan out there says her mom also says something similar, regardless of how great fighter you become present wedding you have on care for kitchen work.

Ahead, Suhasini and her companions gets dazzled with Sirat accommodation. Kartik return. He blows up on Sirat. Sirat attempts to take care of snacks to Kartik. Kartik won’t eat the tidbits. Sirat searches for an approach to chill off Kartik. She gets a guitar to apologize to Kartik. Sirat discloses to Kartik that she can’t hurt Suhasini subsequently she remained back.

Kartik says to Sirat that if she could have enlightened to Suhasini concerning photoshoot, she would have permitted her. He further says to Sirat that Goenkas won’t ever need her to think twice about vocation for family work. Kartik requests that Sirat center around work and vocation both. Sirat asks how Naira used to oversee everything great. Kartik asks Sirat for what valid reason she asked something very similar. Sirat stay away from the discussion.

Kartik eat snacks ready by Sirat. Afterward, Kairav and Vansh study. Both attempt to look for Sirat help in examination. Sirat neglects to clear Kairav question. Kairav comprehend and says to Vansh that they will take their instructor help. Vansh says Naira was brilliant. Manish says he used to employ coach for kids. Afterward, Suhasini requests that Sirat persuade Gayu for second marriage. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Sirat converses with Gayu and attempts to persuade her to meet husband to be family. Gayu leaves the house alongside her children. Surekha says they did a misstep confiding in Sirat

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