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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th Sep 2021 Written Update: Sirat promised Karthik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th Sep 2021 Written Update: Sirat promised Karthik

Today’s episode starts with Karthik telling Sira that the place is good and he will visit it frequently and dance and romance. Sirat and Karthik dance to the song. Manish asks Swarna why he didn’t stop Sirat from taking Akshu and Caro. He says it is no joke to take care of Akshu and Kairav.

Swarna tells Manish that Akshu and Kairav are her children and they will take good care of them. Manish says that the children belong only to Karthik. Swarana says that Karthik and Kirti are not his children either. Manish apologized to Swarna and said that it was not his intention to hurt her. Swarna tells Manish not to get tense. Manish says he has a problem cultivating Sirat.

Karthik and Sirat spend standard time together. Karthik tells Sira never to leave him. Sirat promise Karthik. Next, Karthik decided to click on the picture of Sirat. Sirat remembered Sheila’s word and thought of Naira. She sees Naira’s reflection in the mirror and becomes restless. Next, Karthik wakes up in the morning and looks for Sirat. He wonders if Caro is ready for school. Karthik is also worried about Akshay. He goes to check. Karthik is fascinated to see Sirat taking care of  Kairav and Akshay. He asks Sira why he didn’t pick her up. Sira says she will take care of everything. Karthik tells Sirat that he should not compromise his career because of housework. Sirat assured Karthik that she would focus on both her game and home.

In addition, Sreekha and Savarna are worried about whether Suhasini drank tea or not. They are amazed to see Sirat working in the kitchen. Guy told Surekha and Swarna that Sirat had made everything herself. Suhasini praises Sirat for making tasty tea. Surekha taunted Sira and said that she could not be Naira. Sirat gets upset. Suhasini, Swarna Side Sirat. To make good tea, Suhasini gave Sirat a gift.

Sirat is happy and hugs Karthik again. Karthik asked Sira the reason for his happiness. Sirat told Karthik that he was just as happy. Karthik and Sirat kiss each other on the cheek. Karthik asked Sirat to get ready for his photo shoot. Sirat asks Karthik to attend the meeting which is important because she heard Manish talking about it.

Later, Swarna revealed to Manish how Sirat handled the house from day one. Manish is still not happy with Sira. Swarana says Sirat is learning to handle the house like Naira. Karthik tells Swarna not to compare Naira and Sirat. He says he doesn’t want his biography to be like Naira’s. Meanwhile, Sirat decided to become like Naira. She got ready to go for more photo shoots. Suhasini enters the house with her friends and introduces Sirat to them.


Precap: Karthik is waiting for Sirat in the studio for a photo shoot. Sirat Sahasin offers tea to a friend. Karthik returned home.

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