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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, 17 Aug 2021, Written Update: Kartik rouses Sirat to continue her training

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The present scene begins with Sirat inquiring as to whether she is solid or not. Kartik tells Sirat that she looks like a doll. He adds he can hardly wait Suhasini to take hostile stare from her along these lines he will do it for her. Sirat miss Mauri. She says if Mauri would have been her youngster may have love and care like Goenkas. Sirat gets sorrowful. Kartik says to Sirat that he get her. Suhasini and Swarna gets energized for child shower. They search for Sirat and Kartik. Kartik bring Sirat.

Goenkas assembles to observe Sirat’s child shower. Suhasini requests that Swarna start the capacity. Goenkas gift Sirat and favor last individually. Kartik says to Sirat that he wish his little girl to be a duplicate of her. He adds he needs his girl to be more grounded like her.

Meanwhile, Kairav illuminates Sirat that her family showed up. Goenkas and Sirat think Sheela showed up. Amazingly Sikander and boxing young ladies show up at Goenkas house. Sirat says she consider Sikander her mentor as well as elder sibling as well. Young ladies says they likewise consider Sirat their sister. Sirat gets cheerful. Sikander says they are family as well.

Ahead, Kairav and Vansh plans a game to assume if Sirat will bring forth kid or young lady. Suhasini figure Sirat will bring forth a kid. Surekha says checking out Sirat she can say it will be a young lady. Kairav and Vansh plays a game with Sirat. Toward the finish of game, Goenkas get glad that Sirat will give a birth to a young lady. Sirat, Kartik and gets cheerful.

Goenkas dance around Sirat and praise her child shower. Ahead, Kartik deals with Sirat. He further, gets disturbed reasoning he needs to leave for a gathering. Sirat urges Kartik to go. Kartik wish Sirat to be with her until her conveyance. Sirat says conveyance has a period and he can proceed to come. Kartik says post this gathering he will take a paternity leave.

There, Suhasini, Gayu and Swarna get ready sweet for Sirat. Suhasini inquires as to whether they arranged Sirat’s conveyance sack or not. Swarna says conveyance has a period and she will get ready near conveyance.

Ahead, Kairav and Sirat advises to Kartik that they have chosen child’s name. Kartik, Sirat and Kairav examine child name.


Precap: Kartik requests Kairav to take care from Sirat and Akshu. Sirat gets the work torment. Kartik feels restless for Sirat at the gathering.

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