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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th September 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th September 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The present scene begins with Swarna saying to Sirat that she would prefer not to meddle in her own life additionally she don’t need her to take on her conflict alone. She inquires as to whether she wouldn’t fret she can ask something. Sirat requests that Swarna proceed. Swarna inquires as to whether some strain is going on in the middle of Kartik and her. Sirat advises to Swarna that Kartik was furious with her since she didn’t went for the training.

She add she tossed the milk since it was smelling. Swarna says she to Sirat that she got frightened when Surekha informed her concerning milk episode. Adding further, Swarna tells Sira that she sees herself in it. She advised when she went to the house, she got liability of Kartik and Keerti. None bring up an issue on her, she neglected to educate Goenkas regarding Shubham. Sirat review Swarnas word and cry. She choose to converse with Kartik to take the best choice for the unborn kid.

Sirat call Kartik yet neglects to chat with him. She gets restless reasoning what will occur if her youngster go to the world and love for Kairav and Akshu blur. Sirat requests that God help her. Akshu cry and Sirat incubate an arrangement. Opposite side, Kartik finds out with regards to Sirat pregnancy and stands stunned. There, Sirat going to leave yet Akshu stops her.

Manish requests that Kartik start the show. Kartik won’t present and requests that Manish join in. Manish question Kartik and close in case Sirat is behind his restless. Swarna meet Sirat and go up against her seeing the wrecked room. Manish blows up with Kartik. Kartik think why Sirat conceal reality from him. He calls Sirat however neglects to contact her.

Suhasini alongside Goenkas implore Lord Ganesh. Suhasini requests that Sirat set up the bhog for God to give a decent goodbye to him. Meanwhile, Kartik affirm from Sirat’s primary care physician about last pregnancy. He think why Sirat conceal the uplifting news.

Gayu help Sirat in making bhog. Sirat feel sickness. There, Kairav and Vansh talk and wish to have another child. Sirat over hear Kairav’s discussion and think last himself needs the kin. She further associates the speck and gets cheerful contemplating child. Sirat choose to uncover to Kartik and Goenkas about her pregnancy.

Ahead, Sirat makes Bal Ganesh and searches for an approach to uncover to Kartik. She composes a letter to Kartik. Sirat dream Kartik getting glad getting the report about her pregnancy. Back to the real world; Sirat gets a call from Gynecologist. Specialist requests that Sirat meet her earnestly. Sirat leave.

Gayu goes to the kitchen and see the consuming food. Suhasini blows up on Gayu for consuming the food. Surekha talk against Sirat. Swarna choose to make the bhog. Manish asks Kartik the explanation for leaving the show in the mid. Kartik stand dumbfounded.

Here, Doctor advises to Sirat that her tests to be finished. Sirat stresses over her pregnancy. Goenkas find out with regards to Sirat’s pregnancy. Suhasini and Swarna gets cheerful. Kairav and Vansh gets similarly cheerful. Ahead, Kartik can’t help thinking about why Sirat conceal reality from everybody. Surekha says assuming Sirat need to hurt the youngster due to her title. Kartik blows up on Surekha. Manish side Surekha. Kartik attempt to call Sirat however neglect to contact her. He further gets a letter from Sirat and misjudge her. He think Sirat has went to cut short the kid. Kartik blows up on Sirat. Goenkas feels disdain with Sirat activity. Gayu requests that Kartik stop Sirat. Sirat returns back home. Goenkas denounce Sirat for hurting the kid. Sirat stands stunned. She further revel there was no child. Kartik won’t trust Sirat.


Precap: Goenkas will not trust Sirat. Kartik also decline to trust Sirat and think in case tests are positive than where is the youngster. Goenkas blame Sirat for cutting short the kid.

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