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Vidrohi 9th December 2021 Written Update


Vidrohi 9th December 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Scene begins with Baxi facing Radha’s mom for composing a letter to Badamba Naresh to remove Kalyani. She concedes her doing and says that she doesn’t confide in Kalyani. She broadcasts that Kalyani is attempting to draw near to Baxi and counsel him to know about her. She proclaims that it will be better, assuming he sends Kalyani away as in her age, ladies’ do get drawn to men’s. Kalyani hears their discussion and feels hurt, while Baxi shields her. He cautions Radha’s mom to never talk sick with regards to Kalyani and says that she remains inside his home which implies her standing will straightforwardly influences his standing. Baxi gives a severe admonition to Radha’s mom, while last option leaves from that point being chafed.

Here, Radha’s mom goes towards Radhamani and request that she send Kalyani to her dad as quick as possible. She attempts to incite Radha against Kalyani expressing that last option attempts to stay with Baxi, yet Kalyani denies to trust it. She causes her mom to comprehend about Kalyani and request that she trust her.

Kalyani comes towards Baxi and grins at him. She demands him to show her some battling moves and reminds about their arrangement. She says that he need to encourage her to battle against the Britishers. The two of them takes the sword and starts rehearsing. In the mean time, erroneously Kalyani tumbles down and Baxi falls upon her.

Somewhere else, Radhamani gives Aarti to the house and meanders inside every one of the rooms. She continues to contemplate her mom’s words. She goes into inside the rehearsing room and gets stunned seeing Baxi and Kalyani in compromising position. While, Baxi abruptly gets up and begins reprimanding Kalyani for not giving legitimate consideration in the battle. He says that she can always lose the battle like this and continues to yell at her.

Radhamani leaves from that point and figures that her mom ought to have observe how Baxi was admonishing Kalyani, as then, at that point, just she would have understood that there isn’t anything in the middle of them. While, Kalyani grins checking out Baxi and request that he encourage her how to gives there full concentration in battle. She says that she is pondering something different and continues to gaze at him. While, around then a warrior comes there and removes Baxi.

Next, Radhamani enters Kalyani’s room and wants to see her mother about Kalyani being caught, so she stops thinking about it. In the mean time, she erroneously consumes Kalyani’s garments and gets stressed. Subarna and Kalyani likewise comes there, while Radha apologizes to her. Kalyani consoles Radha and ask her not to stress for simply some garments.

Radha asks Kalyani to wear her clothes until she finds a new pair of clothes. In the interim, Radha gets a horrible pondering Kalyani and Baxi’s closeness. She awakens with a jerk and attempts to track down Baxi. While, Kalyani continues to ponder how Baxi guarded her. She grins recollecting that him and gazes at the sky.

Further, Baxi sees Kalyani from rear and mixed up her as Radha. He goes towards her and back embraces her expressing that he was searching for her since so long. He communicates his adoration for her, while Kalyani gets happy. Around then Radha comes there and gets stunned seeing them. She draws close to them, while Baxi leaves Kalyani quickly understanding his mix-up. Kalyani likewise turns and faces Radha, while last option takes a gander at the two of them being harmed.


Precap: Baxi apologizes to the two Radhamani and Kalyani for his error and attempts to account for himself to Radha. In the mean time, Radha stops him and questions that how he mixed up Kalyani as her due to a simple saree? She expresses that she figured he can feel her quality yet gets injured when he couldn’t ready to separate in the middle of her and Kalyani.


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