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Vidrohi 18th October 2021 Written Update


Vidrohi 18th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Scene begins with Badamba finding out with regards to Kalyani’s choice of sending Baxi away. He admonishes her and inform her with regards to Baxi. He commends Baxi and says that they needs him to battle against the British. Kalyani informs him regarding the admonition of Geoffrey to ward Baxi off, while Badamba answers that Geoffrey can’t remain against Baxi and that is the reason he needed to get him far from them. He chides Kalyani for her choice and says that Geoffrey won’t ever leave the children all alone.

Here, Baxi gets inside Badamba realm and sneak inside the royal residence, concealing himself. He pay attention to Kalyani and Badamba’s discussion. Around then a worker carries a crate to Kalyani which was from Geoffrey. She gets stunned seeing the wristband inside it which she made the children to wear. She peruses the letter where Geoffrey referenced that the children are just harmed a smidgen and he will deliver them on the off chance that she will act the hero.

Radha cleans the God’s object of worship and petitions God for her better half. The house keeper request that she rest as she was fasting, yet Radha denies expressing that she is fine and can do anything for Baxi. In the interim, she conceals that she is feeling unsteady.

Somewhere else, Badam meets Geoffrey and states that he won’t ever win against them. He tells Geoffry to leave the children, but later says that he will only agree if Badamba marries him to Kalyani. Badamba gets irate and draws out his blade. Though, Geoffrey additionally compromises him. Badamba leaves from that point contemplating getting Kalyani hitched to somebody to save her.

Kalyani cries recollecting the children. Around then Mohan comes towards her and control center her. She embraces him and gets blazes of Badamba’s words about her obligations and about being an extraordinary champion. While, somewhere else Kalyani plays out a Puja alongside Subarna and others, for the wellbeing and sucess of Baxi. Unexpectedly, she feels discombobulated and falls oblivious.

Ahead, Baxi goes towards the wilderness to save the children, while Kalyani likewise comes there. The two of them gets stunned seeing each other and Baxi says that their aim is same. They battles with the watchmen and goes towards the tent together.

Subarna gets stressed learning over Radha’s wellbeing and attempts to make her beverage water however last denies. She remains resolute to keep her quick till Baxi gets succeeded. Gadadhar additionally becomes worried for Radha, while Subarna attempts to down Radha’s temperature.

Further, Baxi helps Kalyani in getting inside the tent and kills numerous British fighters. The gatekeeper holds a youngster and cautions them that assuming they attempts to hurt him, he will kill the kid. Kalyani gets stunned and continues to check out him, while Baxi gets enraged.


Precap: Badamba converses with Kalyani about her marriage, while she denies. He proclaims that even Mohan will go with her. Around then Geoffrey comes there being incensed and reprimands Badamba for making arrangements for Kalyani’s marriage. He yells that main he will wed her and misuses Badamba, while Baxi hears their discussion and punches Geoffrey hard.

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