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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th October 2021 Written Update

Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Gopika asks Baa that everybody in the family contemplates her the way how Mithila depicted her infront of everybody. Baa says yes. Gopika lets Baa know that implies whatever the adoration acknowledgment and regard she got from everybody depends on those misjudges right. Baa says yes and requests that Gopika not to come clean with regards to herself to anybody particularly Mithila in light of the fact that without reconsidering she will take a choice to toss her out of the house likewise she will lose everybody’s affection. Gopika reviews from Mithila declaring her as a little girl in law of Modi’s to work then that she is pleased with her girl in law and gets tragic. Baa asks Gopika again not to come clean to anybody and requests that she come inside the pandal and leaves the spot.

Thejal calls VJ yet he doesn’t reply so she gets stressed and contemplates internally where is he. Hiten comes there and shows Thejal and VJ’s image which shocks Thejal so she begins calling VJ. VJ on the opposite side chill with his companions when one of his companion shows him the image of him and Thejal he tells that he got such countless preferences and it became a web sensation. Saksham and Chirag brings the container inside the pandal. Uma smiles seeing that. Cleric says that they can begin the puja now. Mithila calls Gopika and learns she isn’t there and miracles where is she. Everybody begins searching for Gopika. Baa reviews her discussion with Gopika and gets stressed.

Gopika takes the pack in her grasp and contemplates Baa’s words. She then, at that point, tells that she can’t keep Mithila and everybody locked down dull. She may not misled anybody yet concealing the fact of the matter is likewise equivalent fo lying so she must be sufficiently courageous to proceed to let Mithila know that whatever she ponders her isn’t correct. She likewise tells that assuming her satisfaction depends on lie, she can never be cheerful so it’s acceptable in the event that she now itself comes clean regardless of whatever the outcomes she needs to confront along these lines. Thejal calls VJ and gets vexed. Gopika implores God to give her the solidarity to uncover reality and face the results and makes a stride towards the pandal. Those two thugs come infront of Gopika and grabs her sack from her hand. Saksham looks for Gopika all over the place. Gopika lets those thugs know that there is nothing in that sack except for gets stunned when she sees them taking the crown from the pack. She tells them not to remove this since this is intended for Mata Rani and holds the crown. The hooligans attempts to take the crown from Gopika’s hand yet she won’t offer it to them.

Saksham calls Gopika’s name yet he doesn’t get any reaction. One thug lets the others know that Gopika isn’t passing on the crown to which the other hooligan tells that they can take Gopika with them and shut her mouth with a material and put her on their shoulder and without anybody’s notification they remove Gopika from that point. Saksham proceeds to tell Mithila that Gopika is mysteriously gone. Mithila asks Ramila to which Ramila tells that she knows nothing. She then, at that point, requests Saksham to call Gopika saying she knows the significance from this puja so assuming Gopika isn’t here, she should have the legitimate reasons and she makes certain with regards to that. Saksham tells Gopika isn’t noting the calls.

Thejal calls VJ however he doesn’t reply. Hiten comes there and tells Thejal that Minal is looking for her. Thejal blows up and requests that Hiten disappear and not to follow her. Hiten gets stunned and leaves the spot. Minister tells they are getting late for the puja. Uma requests that Mithila honor the god without anyone else like how she used to do that load of years. Saksham concurs and requests that Mithila do it. Thejal hears Gopika’s sound and gets stunned seeing she is getting abducted she attempts to battle with the thugs yet bombs so she runs inside and lets everybody know that somebody captured Gopika. Everybody gets stunned. Ramila lets Ashi know that its not her arrangement and when Ashi gets stressed that when the reality of Gopika comes out Mithila will toss her out likewise yet Ramila guarantees her that nothing such will not occur.

Cops go to the pandal and illuminates Mithila and Saksham that they have shut every one of the ways that is identified with this pandal so hijackers should have no place to go so they will see them. The hooligans chooses to hush up about the jewel yet gets stunned seeing the precious stone is missing and they takes a gander at Gopika who battles to free herself. Baa asks Ramila is she not stressed over Gopika to which Ramila tells that she is concerned then she sees Mithila is coming there so she and Ashi acts and requests that Baa not to stress saying Gopika will be fine. Baa gets confounded and comes clean with Ramila that she thinks about Gopika is certainly not a bold individual right.

Mithila comes there and asks Baa what is she saying. Baa gets stunned however tells Mithila that Gopika is definitely not a valiant individual she gets terrified of everything so they need to discover her soon. Mithila lets Baa know that they all stressed over Gopika however it doesn’t mean they can discuss her girl in law like this when she substantiated herself in so many event that she is a courageous individual. Ramila and Ashi gets disturbed that their arrangement didn’t worked. Mithila lets Baa know that she is certain that Gopika should be battling there alone to protect herself. Baa gets stressed.


Precap: Mithila goes to where Gopika is seized she requests that Gopika not to give the jewel to the thugs. Gopika advances her hand when the thugs undermines her. Mithila gets stunned reviewing Baa’s words. Later Mithila tells Gopika that Baa educated her regarding her being a terrified individual however she didn’t trust her words and confided in her the most yet she deceived them. Gopika cries and lets Mithila know that she didn’t mislead anybody and she isn’t a liar.

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