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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 6th October 2021 Written Update

Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 6th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with in the first part of the day everybody stands infront of the sanctuary for puja. Mithila asks Gopika is she prepared for the puja. Gopika tells Mithila yes so she requests that she clean her hands with Ganga water. Gopika obliges and goes towards where the synthetic jug is kept rather than Ganga water. Ashi asks Ramila that Gopika will not pass on right. Ramila lets Ashi know that her hand will get singed which she accustomed to it as of now yet think what happens when Mithila realizes reality and grins at Ashi.

Gopika cleans her hand with the compound the goes to the sanctuary when the minister tells her that they are getting late for puja. Mithila requests that Saksham join Gopika. Saksham obliges. He then, at that point, feels there is an unusual smell yet he overlooks it. Gopika attempts to fire the matchstick yet bombs then Saksham gives her another match box. He indeed feels the smell is drawing close to by him just and understands it’s from Gopika’s hand so he prevents Gopika from lighting the matchstick.

Everybody gets stunned. Mithila asks Saksham what occurred. Saksham asks Gopika what she used to clean her hand. Gopika gets befuddled and tells that she utilized Ganga water. Mithila quiets down Saksham. Ramila and Ashi comes to Gopika and scents her hand and tells that it’s an inflammable substance she used to clean her hands rather than Ganga water. Mithila asks Gopika for what valid reason she didn’t peruse the mark prior to utilizing it. Ramila and Ashi grins at one another. Saksham poses Gopika to address the inquiry.

Baa hinders and tells that Gopika can’t peruse. Everybody checks out Baa confusedly. Baa then, at that point, shows the compound container and tells there is no mark in it then how its feasible for Gopika to peruse. Ramila and Ashi gets stunned. Mithila requests that Gopika wash her hand and take rest the go to the pandal. Gopika obliges and leaves the spot.

Ashi lets Ramila know that its their ideal intend to uncover Gopika’s reality and make her take off from the house however everything went down slope. She likewise lets Ramila know that she knows very well there was a name in the jug yet dont realize how it’s not there now. Baa comes there and asks Ramila for what reason she didn’t tell Mithila that Gopika isn’t somebody who is valiant and taught individual like how she thinks yet frightened and uninformed individual. Ramila gets stunned she then, at that point, acts and lets Baa know that she may not be a mother of Gopika however she would prefer not to grab the bliss of her so she didn’t came clean with anybody.

Baa lets Ramila know that she gets it. Ramila asks Baa is everybody in the family know this to which Baa tells no likewise she is the person who eliminated the name from the jug. Baa then, at that point, comes clean with that she wont uncover to anybody however the day reality comes out nobody can ready to confront Mithila’s fury and leaves the spot. Uma admonishes the hoodlum for not taking the crown yet. She likewise requests that they go to the house since everybody in the family is here so it’s an ideal time for them to take the crown. The criminal’s concurs and goes to the Modi’s home.

Uma tells that she can hardly wait to see the embarrassment Mithila will confront. The hoodlum’s goes into the Modi house and tells they have just one room passed on to look and opens the room entryway yet gets stunned seeing Gopika is dozing so they chooses not to make any clamor and goes into the room. The hoodlum’s takes the crown from the crate. Gopika gets a bad dream of her and her dad and shouts which drives the hoodlum’s to drop crown which falls inside a pack.

Gopika awakens and tells that she is terrified now so its better to go to the pandal and takes the sack with her where the crown is. Those two men who attempted to take the crown says to each other that they need to follow Gopika and leaves the spot.

Uma finds out if they have take the crown yet or not. The hoodlum’s tell Uma they take the crown however before they could determine what happened Uma leaves the spot joyfully so those two men chooses to discover Goopika who has the sack where the crown is. Mithila asks Gopika that she is prepared for the puja right. Gopika says yes. Uma comes there and requests that Mithila make Gopika honor the God by making God’s deity wear that Crown.

Mithila asks Uma is her wellbeing is OK. Uma lets Mithila know that her little girl in law won the opposition so there is no compelling reason to defer this from occurring. Mithila lets everybody know that her girl in law Gopika is an individual who is Sensible Brave and Educated individual dissimilar to bygone eras where the family needed a girl in law for their home to be either uninformed or concentrated on a little likewise a frightened one she needed her child to wed a young lady who is daring and taught individual and that is Gopika.

Gopika gets stunned and asks why Mithila is talking like this. She then, at that point, glances back at Baa and reviews Baa’s prior discussion with her and figures Mithila won’t ever lie why she will express such things that too infront of everybody and chooses to converse with Mithila. Gopika goes towards Mithila yet Baa removes Gopika from everybody. Gopika asks Baa is everybody in the family contemplating her the manner in which Mithila portrayed her.

Baa gestures her head yes. Gopika lets Baa know that she composed a letter before marriage about herself and thought everybody knows reality. Baa gets befuddled and asks Gopika which letter she is discussing. Gopika gets stunned. She then, at that point, asks Baa that implies this while she got regard and love dependent on this misconception. Baa says yes. Gopika gets injured and checks out Baa.


Precap: Gopika gets hijacked by the two men. Seeing them removing Gopika from them Thejal attempts to stop yet flops so she proceeds to illuminate Mithila. Baa tells Mithila that Gopika is a frightened likewise a uninformed young lady. Later Saksham and Mithila battles with the thugs. Saksham falls oblivious. Mithila requests that Gopika awaken. The thugs mock Mithila. Mithila asks Gopika for what reason she didn’t come clean with them before marriage. Gopika cries. Mithila considers Gopika a liar.

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