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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th November 2021 Written Update

Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Saksham welcomes everybody and inquires as to why nobody is eating. Mithila tells that they all are hanging tight for Gopika. Gopika comes there and inquires as to why nobody is eating. She will make another nourishment for breakfast assuming they don’t this way. Saksham tells that Mithila needs her to eat with them so the family is hanging tight for her.

Gopika gets awkward and tells that she isn’t feeling great on the grounds that the family needs to hang tight for her like this. Mithila requests that Gopika sit happily. Gopika obliges and proceeds to sit alongside Saksham. Ashi looks higher up and asks Gopika what is she wearing. Eveyone gets befuddled. Chirag tells that she is wearing her garments wouldn’t she be able to see however Ashi signs the means which drives higher up and eveyone gets stunned seeing Priya is coming ground floor wearing Kurta and Pajama.

Ashi asks from when did she begins wearing such garments. Gopika tells it’s not hers. Ashi asks then whose it is. Saksham tells it’s his garments and asks Priya what is she wearing. Mithila likewise questions Priya. Priya tells that she dont realize how to wear a saree and apologizes to Gopika saying the decisions of garments which she has isn’t her taste so she wears this. She additionally tells that she will transform it once the garments of hers gets dry and tells that she is awkward wearing this as well. Mithila tells she is correct and lets the things know which has a place with the individual will suits them just and not eveyone.

Eveyone chooses to eat when Chirag jokes that during breakfast table eating food suits the best. Mithila concurs with him and they begins having their morning meal. Mithila tells the relatives that her daugher in law Gopika is blameless and modest so she want Saksham’s help as well as the entire family so requests that they be there for her. Baa and Chirag joyfully gestures alright. Minal and Keshav takes a gander at one another however says nothing. Priya taunts quietly.

Mithila asks her is she said anything to which Priya tells that she is becoming passionate seeing such a caring family. Hiten lets Ramila know that her daugher in law burned through Rs.2000 for breakfast so he will have only one roti additionally one dhokla all month long. Ramila tells that she will make sure to get twofold the cash from Tejal for what she spend for breakfast.

Mithila tells that there is a puja which she set up for Gopika and Saksham in the sanctuary so they all need to leave after breakfast. She then, at that point, requests that Priya go to their home another day. Priya tells that she thought to invest more energy with them however she will visit them another day. Saksham requests that she eat saying he will dump her out. Outside the house Priya lets Saksham know that she wishes she gets a family actually like his. Saksham guarantees her that she will get a caring family very much like him. Priya tells however nobody resembles him since he is one out of many.

Saksham tells that he is hitched. Priya says as much what. Saksham grins and tells that she didn’t changed a little. Priya then, at that point, lets Saksham know that he changed a ton. Gopika is a sweet young lady however there is something that transformed him a ton it should be his business. Saksham discusses Radhika. He additionally reviews how Radhika sent him the plan to how she give him advices and presently she vanished all of unexpected. Priya lets that is odd then lets know that she is leaving now. Saksham heads inside. Priya believes that she really wants to observe who is Radhika then, at that point, gets stunned seeing the journal which has plans isn’t in her pack and acknowledges she drops it. Gopika takes the journal from the floor and tells Baa she don’t have the foggiest idea how it’s in the floor. Baa tells Priya is here before right.

Priya chooses to head inside however chooses not to on the grounds that Mithila will become dubious of her and thinks about how to take that from the room. Baa asks Gopika that now she and Saksham chooses to begin their life from the start how she will deal with Radhika. Gopika holds the journal near her and tells in the present puja she will make everybody is familiar with Radhika and end the part until the end of time. Baa grins and gestures OK. Priya believes that she needs to figure out how to get to have some familiarity with about Radhika’s whereabouts. She needs to assemble data from Saksham about Radhika additionally will take the journal at any expense and she realizes how to do it and grins. Gopika lets Baa know that she will proceed to prepare for the puja. Baa says OK.

Mithila gives the laborer the things that is for puja and requests that they keep it in their vehicle. Saksham lets Mithila know that he is prepared for the puja so will they go. Mithila lets Saksham know that she and the family is going first and requests that he accompany Gopika. Saksham concurs. Mithila then, at that point, lets Saksham know that she is beginning another life and requests to focus on it. Saksham gets confounded then acknowledges why she is talking like this so he tells Mithila that Priya is only his school don’t companion anything else.

Mithila lets Saksham know that she isn’t requesting that he break his kinship or not to have companion all she is requesting that he satisfy his guarantees he made to Gopika. Saksham says OK. Mithila leaves the spot. Saksham calls Gopika who comes first floor wearing a coordinating with garments to Saksham. Saksham asks her what is she wearing to which Gopika tells that she thought to wear coordinating with garments assuming he dont like this, she will transform it. Saksham thinks how he will cause her to comprehend not all things will suits eveyone and thinks he made a guarantee which he will satisfy it and stops Gopika saying they can leave for sanctuary.

Gopika gestures her head and goes. En route to sanctuary Gopika increment the music yet Saksham diminishes it. Their vehicle gets halted which disturbs Saksham. Both Saksham and Gopika emerges from their vehicle. Gopika envisions that Saksham is giving her a blossom and asks her to rell what she needs. Gopika says in her heart yet opens her eyes when Saksham voice hauls her out of the creative mind. She takes her portable to really look at the organization yet thinks that it is’ not accessible so she proposes Saksham that they can walk and check whether we can ready to get lift or see technician. Saksham concurs and the two of them begins strolling. The hear a vehicle sound and Saksham stops it and tells that they are needing lift. Priya emerges from the vehicle which shocks Saksham and Gopika.


Precap: In the sanctuary Priya goes to take the journal yet stops when Mithila sees her. Mithila follows Priya who covers her face with a cloak. She requests that she stop it however Priya takes her footwear and leaves the spot briskly. Mithila sees the footwear and thinks why she feels that the footwear is like Priya’s and looks on.

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