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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd October 2021 Written Update

Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Gopika sees that Thejal is joyfully telling somebody tomorrow is her commitment and she can’t trust it and when Thejal sees Gopika she shuts the entryway all over. Gopika goes to Saksham and her’s room yet Saksham opens the entryway and tells her that she offended his family twice today. First she neglects to arrive at the sanctuary on schedule with Horoscope. Second she erroneously denounces Vijay for reasons unknown with next to no evidences so he would prefer not to see her face by any means and requests to not to show her face since seeing that she is blowing up and shuts the entryway all over.

Gopika gets pitiful and goes to the parlor with the beddings in her grasp. Minal welcomes Ramila to go to the commitment of Thejal and Vijay. Ramila tells that she will then, at that point, tells Minal that Ashi told whatever happened today and requests that Ashi let Minal know what she felt. Minal likewise requests that Ashi determine what she needed to. Ashi acts and tells that she felt terrible on the grounds that Mithila questioned her choice to allow Thejal to wed Vijay. Minal tells that Mithila is her sister and she generally helps her not to commit any error and she is thankful for that.. Ramila says that she concurs with Minal yet what she feels is Mithila is annoyed with her since she has done the hawan rather than Mithila.

Ashi likewise tells that she feels that is the reason she scrutinized her childhood. Minal tells that Mithila resembles a mother to her additionally she never grabbed her privileges being a mother to her children even today she gave her the freedoms to pick the choice. Ashi advises that Mithila is as yet questioning her capacity to take choices. Minal begins thinking. Ramila tells that she is glad seeing the adoration and regard she has for her sister Mithila however Ashi and Gopika is likewise sisters yet they never attempt to put each other down like what Mithila is doing.

Minal gets vexed yet tells Ramila and Ashi that Mithila consistently chooses whatever needs to occur in this house however a similar time she let her do what she needs. Gopika gets a call from Saksham who says thanks to her adage that she helped him and his family twice today thinking its Radhika. Gopika reviews Saksham’s words how she offended his family likewise asks not to make any issue in the commitment party of Vijay and Thejal.

Saksham says that as a result of her main he came to and saved his sister on schedule and asks her how could she know this. Gopika tells that they are rich family so everybody knows what’s going on in their home. Saksham expresses gratitude toward Radhika and tells her that he needs to meet her face to face and say thanks to her for the assistance she has accomplished for his family and welcomes her to Thejal’s commitment. Gopika tells that he will not be glad seeing Radhika so she wont come and says sorry then cuts the call. Saksham gets befuddled.

The following day Vijay and his relatives comes to Modi house. Mithila applauds them for orchestrating everything in a brief time frame. Vijay’s mom acclaims Thejal and tells that she is fortunate to have her as her girl in law. She then, at that point, gives shagun to Thejal. Then, at that point, Minal gives shagun to Vijay. Gopika watches everything from far. Minal acquaints Ashi with everybody. Vijay’s mom gifts her a saree then, at that point, gets some information about Gopika. One of Vijay’s relative inquires as to why Gopika isn’t here. Everybody gets awkward.

Mithila expresses gratitude toward Vijay’s mom for bringing a present for Gopika and tells that she should be occupied in another works yet they all will meet her in the commitment party which will occur in the evening. Vijay’s mom tells that they need to leave on the grounds that there is such a lot of work let incomplete and leaves the spot. Ramila masterminds the house appropriately with Anand who chides her for requesting that they go to the house in this brief time frame. Hiten comes there and tells that he is going to the meeting and seeing the game plans he asks what’s going on here.

Ramila requests that Hiten put on something else on the grounds that a young lady family is coming to see him. Ramila and Anand welcomes the young lady family. Ramila gets cheerful seeing them going to the house in a sumptuous vehicle. She then, at that point, begins conversing with them pleasantly about they didnt have issue in discovering the house right. Then, at that point, the young lady’s dad gets a call from her chief so he leaves the spot saying that his manager needs his vehicle in which they come. He thought he dont need that that is the reason he came here now he will proceed to give it to them and return. Ramila gets stunned and asks the young ladies mother is the dad of the young lady is a driver. Then, at that point, she begins chastening them asking how could they feel that they can ask her child for her daugher.

Anand neglects to quiet down Ramila. The young lady lets Ramila know that she realizes her child is uninformed likewise dont have any work yet they need a young lady who has a place with rich family and leaves the spot with her mom. Hiten comes there wearing a Sharwani and finds out if the family came to or not. Ramila chides Hiten and requests that he go to the meeting and ensure he landed the position. Hiten gets stunned. Thejal tells that she dont need Gopika to go to her commitment since yesterday additionally she made dramatization.

Mithila tells that they need to do this so such Thejal’s reality can be simpler and doing this on the grounds that Thejal’s in law is examining them regarding Gopika and due to that she don’t need Vijay’s family to pull out their choice with regards to the marriage. Thejal tells its her commitment yet nobody pay attention to her words and leaves the spot. Minal attempts to change Mithila yet Mithila tells that she is going for Thejal’s prosperity just and leaves the spot. Ashi acts and requests that Minal implore that Gopika didn’t make any dramatization. Minal gets stressed.

Ashi lets Ramila know that what else Thejal got for her Shagun itself. Ramila gets disturbed discussing Hiten’s marriage. Ashi then, at that point, lets Ramila know that she has an uncertainty on Vijay and she dont think he is a great individual. Ramila tells that they can sit back and watch how long Vijay is concealing his genuine person. Gopika goes to the room and gets glad seeing Saksham is taking a gander at her desing. She then, at that point, reviews Saksham’s words and chooses to leave however Mithila comes there and requests that Gopika go into the room. She then, at that point, tells Saksham that Gopika must be available in Thejal’s commitment. Saksham tells that soon everybody will become acquainted with the detachment so they don’t need to do this everything except Mithila tells that she dont need an outcast to realize what’s going on here particularly now Thejal is getting ready for marriage so Gopika will go to the commitment. She then, at that point, requests that Gopika act. She dont need her however because of the circumstance she is welcomed so requests that she stay in her cutoff points. She likewise asks Gopika to apologizes to Thejal for her conduct towards Vijay.

Gopika obliges then tells that she feels Vijay isn’t appropriate for Thejal. Mithila tells the choice is made by Minal and Thejal and requests that she not to meddle in that and do what she asked her to. Gopika says alright. Gopika begins imagining that she realizes Vijay isn’t appropriate for Thejal why she is consenting to wed him. She then, at that point, thinks to converse with her and goes to Thejal’s room and gets stunned seeing Vijay is harming Thejal saying she needs to erase her web-based media accounts likewise assuming she needs to be in this relationship then she needs to pay attention to his words. Thejal consents to erase the online media record of her’s. Gopika ponders internally that at any expense she needs to stop the commitment of Vijay and Thejal.


Precap: Gopika asks Thejal for what valid reason she is deceiving everybody. She didn’t hurt unintentionally however it’s finished with expectations. Vijay’s mom asks what is Gopika saying since she has a place with Modi family doesn’t mean they need to pay attention to her babble. Mithila requests to quit saying anything to Vijay’s mom.

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