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Shehnaaz Gill wanted to wed Siddharth Shukla, Abu Malik revealed


Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill have stayed quite possibly the most cherished couples on friendly medium. Their unparalleled friendship in Bigg Boss 13 was so discussed that it made their fans honor with a name called SidNaaz.

The two were likewise reputed to be seeing someone of their caring PDA, be it social media or in genuine world. Fans eagerly wanted to see their wedding even though it was not official. But destiny had different plans.

The whole business is as yet adapting to the deficiency of Sidharth who kicked the bucket at 40 on Thursday morning because of respiratory failure. He was hurried to the Cooper emergency clinic wherein he was announced brought dead.

The posthumous report will figure out what caused Sidharth’s demise. Shehnaaz was left in a profound shock when she got the information on his death. Her dad Santokh Singh said that she isn’t fine and her brother Shehbaz has hurried to Mumbai to be with her.

Furthermore, presently their Bigg Boss 13 competitor Abu Malik has made a stunning disclosure that Shehnaaz convinced him to request that Sidharth wed her. He said that Sidharth cherished Shehnaaz such a lot of that he used to reveal to him that his day would be demolished in case she wasn’t feeling acceptable.

“Shehnaaz revealed to me this on March 22, 2020-I believe that this was only a day prior to the primary lockdown,” he said, reviewing the specific date. “Sidharth used to cherish her a great deal. He would say that agar ek din woh naaraz ho jaati thi, toh uska din khaarab ho jaata tha (He’d say that if she was upset, it would affect him as well),” Abu Malik told TOI.

He further added, “It was only two-three days prior that we were in contact and from that point onward, we talked consistently. I used to call him and he would accept the call. He had quit accepting my calls since a month before that and I had called him many occasions; I speculated that he should be occupied. Yet, around three days prior, he returned my call.”

Sidharth’s family given an assertion through his PR group mentioning the media to define a boundary and give his family and friends and family space and let them lament. “We are all in aggravation. We are however stunned as you may be. And we all realized Sidharth was a private individual, so kindly regard his security, his family’s protection. What’s more, kindly petition God for his spirit to find happiness in the hereafter,” it said.

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