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Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th October 2021 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene starts with Mohit requesting that Aarav and Simar go along with him, Simar lets him know that moving isn’t permitted in their home, still he demands and they go along with him. Geetanjali Devi is irate and tells to Ranaji that might be in hustle she didn’t advise him that routine isn’t permitted at her home. She can’t exposed music and moving infront of her home.

Ranaji says that thsi is their glad second, his barat without music and dance is fragmented. Geetanjali Devi undermines him that assuming he won’t stop this at the present time, she will stop the wedding and drop every one of the arrangements they had done. She has given him choices to pick either the wedding or the music and moving.

Reema grabs Vivaan from the capacity and request that he allow her another opportunity to substantiate herself. Reema bangle gets sticks to Vivaan dress, he tells her how about we go in the room and afterward take it out. Ranaji consents to stop the music and dance, he tells if young ladies side has consented to all their condition so definitely they can stay aware of their one condition.

Aarav gets a call and leaves Simar, Mohit attempts to get rowdy while moving yet Simar figures out how to move. Geetanjali Devi comes and saw Simar hitting the dance floor with them, she stops them. Ranaji insults Geetanjali Devi that the Badi Bahu is ignorant of Oswal’s standard. Geetanjali Devi gets streak back. Ranaji prevents everybody from moving.

Sandhya and Simar comes to invite Mohit. Sandhya gets streak back. She actually puts tikka on Mohit and invites him. As she is leaving, Ranaji tells how relative can go like this sh ehave to contact groom nose. Geetanjali Devi tells all that will occur as per custom as it were. She then, at that point, request that Simar help Sandhya, Simar takes thal from Sandhya. Sandhya with exceptionally bad sentiments contacts his nose and completes the ceremonies.

Gajender then, at that point, puts malas on Ranaji and invites him. Badi Ma takes Simar in a corner and tells her that have she neglected all principles of this house, how could she was hitting the dance floor with the baratis. In the interim Aarav comes and saves Simar, he tells to Badi Ma that she was made to move. Then, at that point, he showed her the video cut, Geetanjali Devi explains for what reason didn’t he told her that time itself. Badi mA says that she needs Simar out of this house following ten days.

For Viveek wreath service Panditji request to bring festoon, Roma gives them. Shobha request a family photo,anoj request that Roma come Shobha stops him and snaps photograph without her. Reema attempts to unwind her bangle from Vivaan’s dress. He tells her that he prefers things unwind whether it’s relationship or things. Everybody trusting that Aditi will descend, she descends while coming she ask Sandhy that like this main they put blossom on dead bodies. At the point when Aditi takes a gander at Mohit she gets the glash back how he acted mischievously with her.

Sandhya can’t take her little girl to the mandap. Simar holds her nad takes her. Aarav feels outrage. For the wreath function, Simar offers laurel to Aditi’s hand and afterward she provides for Mohit he contacts her hand, Simar feels off-kilter. Simar then, at that point, pushes Aditi to put wreath to Mohit she puts it. Then, at that point, he puts the wreath to Aditi and afterward he contacts his arms, Simar feels extremely sickening.


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