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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th December 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th December 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Scene starts with Kanak endeavors to escape through window. Gehna misjudges that Kanak attempting to end it all and stops her. Then, at that point, Kanak discloses reality to her. She requests to assist her with getting away from Police. Gehna tells her that she can’t conflict with law. Kanak tells her that the last option send her to imprison so she doesn’t break Desai’s then what Swara doing now. Gehna acknowledges that Swara fouling up yet Kanak additionally merits discipline and leaves from that point.

Then again, Hema whines about Swara and Gehna to Sagar. He consents to not give proclamation against Kanak yet they needs to get him out of prison if not he will conflict with the last as well.

Afterward, Jamuna thanks different appointed authorities for delaying the opposition for quite a while on her solicitation. Have reports that last round going to start. He lets them know that they will actually look at feeling of taste, good judgment and insight of challengers. Kusum gives chit to Swara and leaves from that point. Swara tosses it out of frustration. first round starts. Kusum believes that she composed the fixings names in the chit and grins imagining that Swara would have understood that.

Gehna reviews that how Jamuna called Swara as her little girl in law and she was unable to zero in on the game. first round moves past. Jamuna declares that first round’s victor is Kavitha. Have declares that Kavitha got 1 point. Kusum ponders that how Swara lost in this round. She goes to Swara and asks her that how the last option lost it when she gave fixings rundown to her. She requests that she discover that chit since she has composed subtleties of different adjusts as well. They tracks down the chit close to Jamuna. Kusum requests that Swara take the chit.

Anant asks Gehna that what befell her during the game and persuades her. Swara goes to Jamuna and takes her favors and furthermore the chit. Have declares the second round. Swara peruses the chit. Gehna requests that she not make fracture among her and Jamuna.

Praful lets Anant know that nobody can beat Gehna with regards to cooking. Gehna lets them know that she took in this from her mom and she have seen her mom battling in the kitchen. She uncovers that her mom is her motivation. Swara feels that Gehna ridiculing their neediness. Kusum gets enthusiastic subsequent to hearing Gehna. Have declares that Gehna is second round’s champ and she gets 2 focuses as per the guidelines.

Then, at that point, Host declares that they will really take a look at knowledge of candidates. Swara peruses the chit and offers right responses to every one of the inquiries and wins third round. Have reports that Swara got 3 focuses. He reports that it’s a tie among Gehna and Swara. Jamuna lets him know that she has chosen the victor as of now.


Precap – Jamuna reports Swara as champ and acclaims her which shocks Gehna.

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