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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th November 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Scene starts with Lawyer calls Sagar and tells Judge that Police as of late captured Sagar and Sagar is Anant’s family member. He asks Sagar that Anant has a place with his psychological oppressor group or not. Sagar answers that Anant likewise part of his group. Gehna tells Judge that Sagar lying. Judge requests that she not meddle. Anant tells Judge that Sagar attempting to trap him with this untruth. Judge requests that he demonstrate that Sagar is lying.

Anant illuminates him that Srivastav has proof to demonstrate that since it’s Srivastav who saved him from that bomb impact. Judge requests that he present the proof in next hearing. Police takes Anant and Sagar from that point. Sagar requests Anant to give up himself in front from Police. He mumbles to him that it’s a simply a trailer from his side and Kumar intending to accomplish something significant.

Then, Kumar revealed his arrangements to his group. He lets them know that numerous superstars and boss clergyman going to that setting for Diwali festivity and he is arranging impact there as it were. He says to them that he will leave the nation after this mission however he is feeling terrible for Desai’s.

In the mean time, Gehna cries embracing Anant ( Sad adaptation of title tune plays behind the scenes ). He tells her that she is his solidarity and she can’t separate like this. She tells him she won’t cry. He gets some information about Desai’s. She lets him know that they trust him and they need to track down Srivastav now. He tells her that they likewise need to discover that why Sia did that since something is off-putting without a doubt. She lets him know that she will discover reality. Meeting time moves past so Anant heads inside.

Afterward, Gehna meets Sia and the last option asks the previous that what occurred in the court. Gehna asks her that for what good reason the last option broke Anant’s trust. Sia cries embracing her. She tells her that she didn’t deceive anybody and indeed this case was vital one for her why she will do that. She illuminates her with regards to Srivastav’s vanishing and furthermore about danger. She says to her that she is looking through Srivastav still. Gehna tells her that the last option and Srivastav have accomplished such a great deal for her family till now and it’s her chance to work on something for her. Sia picks Srivastav’s call and drops the portable in shock.

After some time, Sia and Gehna breaks seeing Srivastav’s dead body. Sia requests that Srivastav awaken. Gehna attempts to support her. Police sits tight for emergency vehicle. Police investigator illuminates them that till now they couldn’t track down any proof against killer. Sia cries embracing Srivastav’s dead body. Police controller asks Gehna that now how she will demonstrate Anant’s blamelessness. She lets him know that reality come out without anyone else. In the interim, Anant trusts that Srivastav is fine.


Precap – Gehna discovers that Anant got away from prison.

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