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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th October 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene starts with Desai’s sits tight for Gehna. Praful asks them that imagine a scenario in which Gehna is in any difficulty. Hiral requests that he not stress saying that Gehna will return soon. Gehna comes there. Everybody gets shocks seeing the swathe on her head. Hema lets them know that she will close the entryway since imagine a scenario where neighbor comes to assault them and shuts the entryway. Gehna uncovers that she is functioning as cabbie and she met Sagar coincidently and he pursued away from that point assaulting her. Jamuna advises Gehna to get some rest. Gehna leaves from that point.

Jamuna tells others that Gehna actually accepts that Infinity will return. Kanak tells her that Gehna got upset and Anant kicked the bucket effectively however they are enduring a direct result of him. Jamuna requests that she not fault Anant and assuming the last has any issue, she can leave. Kanak imagines that she will leave in the wake of taking her portion.

Following day, Praful favors Gehna. Attorney Naveen comes there. Kanak uncovers that she called him for parcel. Naveen lets Desai’s know’s that their picture harmed unrecoverable so segment is most ideal alternative for them. Kanak gets some information about Kids circumstance as well. Jamuna gets baffled and concurs for parcel. Naveen lets them know that papers are prepared and asks Praful, Jamuna and Gehna to sign on it. Gehna won’t sign on it. Kanak imagines that she will toss her out of the house without a doubt.

After a while, Gehna reached the place where she felt that Anant had saved her. She is going to meet with a mishap while pursuing one person. Radhika saves her and chastens her. Gehna tells her that she saw Anant. Radhika tells her that the last more likely than not fantasized.

Gehna tells Desai that she saw Anant and realized that Anant was on a mysterious mission again, which is why he was not coming before them. She tells Kink that there is no need for class on the grounds that Anant will return soon. Kink begs him to stop acting like crazy on the grounds that Anant will not return. Chetan told Gehna that Anant had passed away so he would not return. Jamuna slapped her and Gehna ran away. Kink asks Jamuna to explain to Gehna that Anant kicked the bucket, otherwise she would soon be upset.

Gehna cries seeing Anant’s image. She fantasizes Anant and afterward he vanishes. She asks him that where he went and for what reason he isn’t coming before others. She requests that he demonstrate that he isn’t her visualization and cries. Kanak comes over and apologizes for hurting her. She tells her that she ought not have said those words to her. She shouts. Jamuna and Hema comes there.

Kanak goes to Jamuna and tells her that she came to apologize to Gehna however Gehna attempted to kill her. Jamuna will not trust her. Kanak requests that she show Gehna to specialist and leaves from that point. She feels that she will demonstrate that Gehna is distraught. Afterward, Gehna endeavors to assault Sagar yet it ends up being Hema. Everybody comes there hearing Hema’s shouting. Kanak recommends them to take Gehna to specialist.


Precap – Gehna gets conceded in mental haven.

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