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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th December 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th December 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Kusum recollects Gehna’s words that there is nothing similar to misfortune throughout everyday life and there are just triumph and illustrations throughout everyday life. Swara says her body is hurting gravely after the present contest and expectations it closes soon and she wins. Swara blindfolds her and readies her for next round. Swara hits furniture over and over and exhaust that as opposed to saving her, she is allowing her to get injured. Kusum says she would rather not help her as she needs to play alone tomorrow. Swara inquires as to whether she got scared of Gehna. Kusum says Gehna is extremely wise and discovers their arrangement effectively, so she won’t help her at any expense. Swara argues. Kusum sends her out of room and locks entryway. Swara figures she will utilize mind games and bomb everybody’s brain.

Gehna gets a bad dream. Anant awakens her and requests that she race to mother and deal with her until he returns. Gehna races to Baa’s room and quits seeing Baa’s drawn laxman rekha/line, recollecting Baa’s admonition. Sapan tests Baa and says her life is in harm’s way. Gehna attempts to cross line and move in when Swara hauls her away and secures her with Kusum’s assistance and says she needs to get freed off Baa from her life. She liberates herself some way or another and races to Baa to think that she is as of now died. She awakens stressed and acknowledges it was her fantasy and decides not to give Swara and Kusum access their arrangement. Next morning, Baa opens her room entryway, observes Gehna resting on floor there, and asks why is she here. Gehna argues to pardon her girl. Baa says she would rather not get late for contest and ruin her family’s standing. Anant with others stroll in and demands Baa to excuse Gehna. Bapuji likewise demands Baa, however Baa gets inflexible. Swara and Kusum think Gehna is an imbecile to incite Baa once more. Gehna attempts to clear out Laxman rekha. Baa stops and slaps her.

Hema goes to meet Kanak in prison and asks constable for what good reason she has kept Kanak in a different cell. Constable says Kanak has gone distraught and is babbling persistently. Kanak gets some information about Sagar. Hema says he disagreed. Kanak requests to call Pankaj here. Hema says he won’t come here as they are separated. Kanak frenzies and says she used to be wonderful with cosmetics, yet everything is gone.

Back at Desai house, Gehna lets Baa know that a mother as right to rebuff her youngster for her mix-up, however ought to pardon her. Baa leaves saying she is getting late for contest. Swara thinks whatever Gehna attempts, oldie goldie won’t quiet down. Kusum says Gehna has squeezed Baa’s powerless nerve and will acquire her pardoning at any expense. Swara requests that she go with her to contest. Kusum says she will not as Gehna will win the present contest at any rate. Swara considers looking for Pankaj’s assistance by baiting him. Anant consoles Gehna and prepares her for contest. Swara strolls into Pankaj’s room and attempts to draw him, yet he leaves. She sees Pankaj’s telephone ringing, picks it, and separates call saying Pankaj is occupied today and can’t come.

Have reports rivalry fourth round. Baa gets some information about Hema. Hema says she should be coming. Gehna gets a call from emergency clinic and looks stressed. Swara figures Gehna more likely than not got an equivalent call which Pankaj got, grabs Gehna’s telephone, and disengages call. Gehna cautions to illuminate Pankaj. Swara says she won’t allow Pankaj to meet his ex. Gehna says Kanak was her bhabhi and she needs to illuminate Pankaj about Kanak’s condition. Swara cautions her that she will lose rivalry in case she leaves. Gehna says she isn’t narrow minded like Swara and searches Pankaj. Swara hits her head from behind, makes her oblivious and conceals her in a trunk.


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