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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th November 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Scene starts with Anant gets medication from Sapan for Gehna. Kusum attempts to end it all and Swara attempts to stop her. Anant hears commotion from kitchen and he goes there and stops Kusum. She lets him know that she is embarrassed about herself and she can’t see Gehna from this point forward so has the right to pass on. He tells her that she tracked down her little girl after long time and she ought not have done that. She requests him to take care from Gehna after her passing. He tells her that Gehna is heart broken still he will persuade her and requests that she not recurrent the error. He requests that Swara take Kusum to room. Swara takes Kusum from that point and acclaims the last option’s acting. She lets him know that she is certain that Anant will persuade Gehna.

Anant tells Gehna that Kusum needs one more opportunity and requests that she give it. He tells her that destitution will not allow Kusum to prevent from taking stuff. She lets him know that she will orchestrate another spot for her family. He tells her that, that will not transform anything. Kusum comes there and lets Gehna know that she and Swara laments a great deal. Gehna allows one more opportunity to them. Kusum expresses gratitude toward her. After some time, she lets Swara know that they got last possibility and they ought not lose it.

Jamuna is going to leave without eating subsequent to seeing Kusum and Swara coming towards eating. Gehna stops Jamuna and advises Kusum and Swara to go to their room saying that she will send their supper there. They leaves from that point. Anant reminds Desai’s with regards to Pankaj’s birthday. Gehna lets them know that they ought to commend it so Pankaj doesn’t miss Kanak. Kusum and Swara catches their discussion.

Afterward, Desai’s goes to Panjak’s space to shock him yet nobody is there and they ponders that where Pankaj went. In the mean time, in the yard Pankaj gets shocked seeing Swara in saree. She lets him know that it’s an unexpected treat for his birthday and requests that he cut the cake and he cuts it. She is going to fall and he holds her. Gehna comes there. Swara tells her that they were simply cutting Pankaj’s birthday cake. Gehna sends Pankaj inside saying that everybody sitting tight for him to cut the cake. He heads inside.

Swara is going to follow her and Gehna stops her and tells her that she despises treachery. She says to her that she allowed second opportunity for the good of Anant yet presently the last option lost it so she and Kusum can’t reside in Desai house. Swara requests that she demonstrate that she isn’t right. Gehna slaps her truism that the last’s expectation is off-base. She holds her hand and requests that she take off from the house. Swara harms her head intentionally.

Afterward, Kusum reprimands Gehna and Jamuna takes represent Gehna. Anant takes Swara to her room. Gehna lets Kusum know that she will not adjust her perspective. She is sorry to Jamuna and returns the storage key. Jamuna won’t take it and embraces her. Following day, Kusum look through Swara. Gehna ponders that Swara acting for sure.


Precap – Desai’s discovers that Pankaj wedded Swara

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