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Pandya Store 6th December 2021 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 6th December 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Shiva saying ‘sorry’ to Raavi. He goes. She says you truly said sorry to me. She reviews their minutes and cries. She says you truly changed. Dev says I ought to work on something for Dhara. Rishita comes. He requests that she clarify Dhara, she wants them. She says no, she wants her space, its among Dhara and Gautam. Dev says I likewise feel that Dhara is correct. She says no, you are incorrect. Shiva comes to Raavi. She says you will not get pardoned, have the tea. He asks will I get excused assuming I drink the tea. She says its for your cerebral pain. He stops her. He asks what’s the answer for my pardoning. She says you have harmed me, you can’t request an answer. Krish gets Kirti’s call. He says I never imagined that Dhara and Gautam will have such enormous battle, I m terrified, they might get isolated. She says come on, such battles continue, chill.

Janardhan inquires as to for what reason does Kirti go to the old market, is she meeting Rishita. Kamini says I will break her legs, possibly she is going for shopping. Kirti sees them outside the entryway. Rishita says Gautam didn’t foul up. Dev says I m apprehensive that Dhara… . Rishita says take pressure of the store site, we can tackle the family matter, consider the possibility that anything wrong occurs at the store. Dev asks her not to manager him. She says I m simply disclosing you to think for all intents and purposes. She says we had sufficient conversation. He goes. She says on the off chance that the time doesn’t finish on schedule, then, at that point, anything can occur. Shiva makes Raavi sit. She says you are saying only one sorry for some errors. He says I will say numerous sorrys. She requests that he accomplish something stunning. He asks what will I do now, I hopped into the well as a result of you. She says you need to join Dhara and Gautam, then, at that point, I will pardon you. Janardhan asks whom were you talking. Kirti says my school companion. He takes her telephone to check. Kirti signs Kamini. Kamini requests that he stop it. He says these young ladies got spoilt as a result of you. He gets a call and goes.

Kamini sees Krish’s name and inquires as to for what reason did you converse with him. Kirti says I was conversing with Rishita on his telephone. Kamini chides her and goes. Kirti says they can’t comprehend a young lady and a person’s kinship. Shiva says I can’t join them, Dhara won’t pardon Gautam, she thinks we as a whole are off-base, she is right. Raavi says Gautam concluded that to save Dhara, so we upheld her, we should consider continuing on. He says you excuse me and end it. She says you are yelling once more, say sorry from the heart else no utilization, demonstrate it, you won’t change. She goes grinning and thinks he jumped at the chance to battle with me, presently I get fun in prodding him. Its morning, Dhara does the tulsi puja. She welcomes Suman. Suman says I made this syrup for you, it will invigorate you, drink this, you can accomplish the work, I won’t allow you to fall debilitated, have this, you can cry assuming you need. Dhara drinks it. Raavi says just Suman can do this, Dhara wasn’t dealing with her wellbeing. Rishita says we should make Gautam and Dhara fix up. Gautam returns home.

Dhara sees him and goes. Rishita requests that Gautam apologize to Dhara and clarify his side of the story. He goes to the room. He says allow me an opportunity to clarify. She declines and goes. He follos her to the kitchen. Suman and everybody come there to see. Gautam asks how might the unborn child become more pixie than you, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to see my aggravation. Shiva says I will go there. Raavi stops him. Dev asks will I make them battle. Rishita says let them talk first. Suman says OK, let Dhara vent out the dissatisfaction. Gautam asks was I not the child’s father, I likewise lost my child. Dhara says you killed the child. He says stop it, you are considering me a killer, assuming I didn’t take that choice, then, at that point, you would have fallen in harm’s way, I m wrong, my error is that I love you a ton, I additionally hung tight for the child for a long time. Raavi asks Shiva and Dev not to meddle. Suman says quiet down, this isn’t a battle yet a fix up, then, at that point, they can live with affection. Rishita says I m strained for Dhara. Gautam says you have heard your insults, I heard more insults, Janardhan offended me on the lookout. Rishita says enough, I will converse with them. She goes. Dhara tells Rishita not to talk to them. Gautam says in case the present circumstance happens once more, then, at that point, I will do this as it were.


Precap: Dev lets Rishita know that her supervisor has tricked them, presently they need to give him 15 lakh rupees with interest. Rishita gets stunned.

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