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Pandya Store 25th November 2021 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 25th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Gautam awakening frightened having a bad dream where Dhara requests that Gautam prevent them from grabbing their child. Gautam reviews his discussion over telephone with Dhara’s gynecologist. FB shows. Specialist Reena says that Dhara’s gynecologist gave Dhara’s case to her. She requests that Dhara bring to the emergency clinic for check up as Dhara finished three months. Reena says that they need to take intense choice in case the baby hasn’t got any improvement as it very well may be destructive for Dhara. FB closes. Gautam stresses for Dhara and appeals to God for her.

Raavi is en route to Pandya store. She is grinning seeing her ring and reviewing Shiva placing it in her finger. Raavi goes over her companion, Sneha. Raavi finds Sneha dismal and asks what occurred. Sneha says that she will get separate from her better half. Sneha says that her romantic tale is like Raavi’s romantic tale with Dev. Her significant other cherished somebody and wedded her going under pressure Dev hadn’t wedded Raavi going under pressure, yet it’s great Dev hadn’t done likewise. Sneha says that a young lady shouldn’t think a kid adores her since he’s agreeable with her, she should delay until the person himself admits his sentiments to her. Sneha leaves. Raavi says that Shiva was consented to wed Disha going under pressure. She feels that perhaps he put the ringer in her finger under tension. Raavi chooses to stand by till Shiva admits his sentiments to her.

Rishita goes to her manager to talk some work. Rishita asks her manager for what valid reason Kamini has come here.The supervisor says that he has recently run over her and welcomed her as they need lawmakers association in their business. Rishita gets soothed andthinks that Kamini may not let her work here assuming she comes to know. Krish apologizes to Keerti for being shirtless when she has gotten back home. Keerti requests that Krish come for setting up camp. She adds that Kish is poor,but he can figure out how to get 5,000. She says that every one of her companions are coming. Krish inquires as to whether she thinks about him as her companion. Keerti says that not yet, they can become companion. Krish looks on.

Shiva is hanging tight for Raavi in the shop. Raavi shows up there and asks him in a roundabout way to admit his sentiments to her. As Shiva says nothing, she chooses to not admit her sentiments to him. She says she came to get cumin. Krish says that he can’t come for the setting up camp as he needs to study and furthermore do family fills in as Dhara is pregnant. Keerti’s companion show up there. They talk about their two companions who separated coming for setting up camp. Keerti leaves with her companion. Krish looks on upset. Shiva gives the cumin to Raavi. She requests that she arrive at home securely.

Dhara requests that Gautam select a saree for the party in the evening. Gautam says that any saree will suit her. Dhara converses with her child and says that Gautam is stressed and requests that the child welcome a grin all over too giving him love. Gautam says that he’s not miserable. Gautam places his face on Dhara’s stomach embracing her and says that he wants Dhara’s parcel of affection.

Raavi is preparing. Dhara shows up there to give her blossom festoon to put on her hair. Dhara asks Raavi where her mangalsutra is. Raavi says that Suman took it from her out of frustration. They request that Rishita get the mangalsutra from Suman’s room. Rishita slips into Suman’s room while the last option is in the call with Kanta. Rishita gives the mangalsutra to Raavi. Dev shows up there and inquires as to why she slipped into Suman’s room. Surge says to take for Raavi. The last option says thanks to Rishita and is going to wear the mangalsutra. Dhara stops Raavi and says that the mangalsutra ought to be wore as it ought to be wore as she’s having another beginning. Dhara leaves. Raavi considers what is the correct method for putting the mangalsutra. Dhara carries Shiva to Raavi and requests that he put the mangalsutra around Raavi’s neck. Shiva gives a few reasons to leave. Rishita denounces him. Gautam and Krish likewise show up there. They realize what’s going on there. They all pour blossoms over Shiva and Raavi when Shiva puts the mangalsutra around Raavi’s neck. Aaj se teri plays in the BG.


Precap: Dhara swoons and family surges her to emergency clinic. Specialist uncovers to the family about unusual development of Dhara’s baby and says it’s destructive for Dhara stunning the family.

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