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Pandya Store 24th November 2021 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 24th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Gautam, Dev and Shiva breaking Sudan’s room entryway. They generally get stunned seeing Suman with bag. Dhara inquires as to whether she’s go anyplace. Suman says that they all do what they need and doesn’t regard her by any means. She resembles the well that is stays in an edge of the house quietly. Suman says that she chooses to leave Pandya home as she would rather not stay with them. Shiva stops Suman giving his swear. Suman asks Shiva who he’s to stop her giving his swear when he doesn’t hear swear. She says that she called autoricshaw, she says that they put her on the map in the entire Somnath by causing commotion. She requests that they do anything they desire after she went out. Gautam and Dev attempt to converse with her.

Suman requests that they stay away. Suman asks Shiva for what good reason he hasn’t came clean when the commitment planning was continuing, why he offended her before all. She says that Shiva got propensity for causing commotion. Shiva discloses that he needed to say reality subsequent to getting back from the court, however she attached him with her swear. Shiva says that Raavi ought to have come clean. Raavi says that he has informed that he will tell. Shiva says again that he was tied because of Suman’s swear. Raavi contends with Shiva and inquires as to why he didn’t tell other relatives and provoked her to do the commitment.

Suman gets bothered with their battle and quiets them down. Suman strats going out. Dhara comes and remain before Suman and asks how she can leave leaving her kids. Dhara says that her mom left and she’s her mom. The autoricshaw driver showed up there and Suman hands him over her sacks. Dhara places Suman’s hand on her stomach and gives her unborn child’s pledge to Suman and requests that she not leave. She says that Suman can pay attention to her granddaughter at any rate.

Dhara says that her granddaughter requests that Suman not leave and inquires as to whether she can feel it. Suman consents to remain back,

however, says that they all will get rebuffed. They concur. Suman asks her children and their significant other’s to remain close to their better half. She requests that the couples hold each other ear and do sits up. Gautam says that Dhara is pregnant. Suman requests that Dhara move away and requests to do sits up. Rishita-Dev and Raavi-Shiva do sits up. Dev and Shiva prods Gautam saying that he has aged to do sits up. Gautam cautions them. Suman requests that Gautam become hen. Gautam sits up.

Dhara giggles. Suman requests that Dhara giggle uproariously. Suman requests that they listen now. She says that the day when they ignore her words, will be her last day stunning everybody. Raavi apologizes to Suman for the previous mishaps and guarantees of not doing any mix-ups ahead. Suman says that she feels that she excused in light of the fact that she let her visit in this house. Suman says that Raavi needs to give tests till she became wonderful spouse and little girl in-law. Raavi runs and embraces Suman and says thanks to her. Rishita and Dhara go along with them notwithstanding Suman requesting that they not embrace her. Suman calls her children to go along with them. They all offer a gathering embrace while Yaadon ki Baaraat plays in the BG.

Shiva tracks down his old garments in his cabinet and asks Raavi where his new garments are. Raavi says that Disha isn’t in this house, so he doesn’t have to wear garments according to her preferences. She adds that he doesn’t look like Shiva in this garments. Shiva inquires as to whether she believes that he got that make over for Disha. Raavi says that in case it was for her, he would have done it well before. Raavi inquires as to whether that make over is for her. Shiva stammers to reply. Rishita gets down on Raavi. Raavi requests that Shiva say quick, however Shiva can’t say and continues to stammer. Raavi says that Shiva is a remarkable individual and he oesn’t have to change himself. She leaves.

Dhara is moving holding the schedule. Itni si hasi tune plays in the BG. Rishita sees this and inquires as to why she’s hitting the dance floor with the schedule. Dhara says that it’s her child and adds that she finished her three months of her pregnancy. Rishita salutes Dhara. Raavi shows up there and Rishita enlightens Raavi concerning something very similar. Raavi additionally praises Dhara embraces her. Raavi says that they need to commend it. Dhara says that she said her hearts words and requests to welcome Prafulla and Anita as well. Raavi apologizes to Dhara at the top of the priority list and says that Anita isn’t at all glad for Dhara. Rishita says that she will return home early and will bring tidbits and cool beverages. Rishita and Raavi converse with the child and says that they’re invigorated for her entrance.

Shiva goes to the kitchen to let Raavi know that he’s going to the shop. By seeing Dhara he tells her that. Dhara requests that Shiva say it straightforwardly to Raavi. Shiva denies it. He says that he will have his lunch in the shop as he will be distant from everyone else. He leaves. Raavi feels terrible that she could have a legitimate talk with Shiva since yesterday. She comes up with a rationalization of getting some fixing from the shop and leaves. Rishita sees Kamini with her chief and considers how she’s doing him and what they’re discussing. Kamini requests that the manager compress Pandya siblings to do the development works quick, so they burn through all the money.Then they will interest to return the credit cash. The manager says that they will not have the option to return the cash and will be prepared to do anything consequently. Kamini requests that he take care of her responsibilities in two days. Rishita gets stressed reasoning in the event that she hasn’t put her entire family in the difficulty.


Precap: Pandya family is celebrating. Dhara swoons unexpectedly. Family surges her to the medical clinic. The gynecologist says that Dhara’s hatchling isn’t created and it very well may be unsafe for Dhara stunning the family.

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