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Pandya Store 23rd November 2021 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 23rd November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The Episode starts with Dhara saying to Shiva to wear the ring to the individual for whom he has brought the ring by hopping into the divider. Shiva checks out Raavi. He advances his hand for herself and intertwines her hand with his hand and makes her wear the ring. He advances his hand to her and Gautam keeps her hand in his and requests that they be together for the following seven lives. Raavi sees her finger getting enthusiastic. The two of them goes to Suman. She favors then, at that point. The family moves cheerfully.

Shiva and Raavi dance together. Rishita and her better half embrace each other cheerfully in the room. She finds out if he isn’t irate today. He says today is just for adoration. She says that he doesn’t adore her to which he says that he can’t quit cherishing her. The two of them fall on the bed as she bounces on him. Raavi is cheerful checking out the ring on her finger. Shiva comes there and looks at her. Raavi ponders regarding what this inclination is and why she is feeling glad for simply a ring. Raavi turns as she feels him however at that point he stows away. She calls for him. She says that she can go to him in the event that he can’t go to her.

Rishta asks her better half when they are going to Goa. Dev says that they can’t go. Raavi says that others are here to deal with the work. She says that her choice is conclusive. Raavi comes to Shiva and calls him, she wonders why she is feeling so happy and butterflies. She puzzles over whether. They hear Suman subsequently he pulls her to the bed and covers. Suman leaves to bring water. Shiva requests that she flee from that point. She moves up and flees from that point. Dev requests that she guarantee him and he needs to say something to her. Dev tells her that he returned the tickets.

Rishita begins to beat him. She lets him know that she needs to go to Goa one month from now. He says it’s December and it will be costly. She is obstinate. Suman leaves from that point saying to herself that she will allow them to rest today and tomorrow they will see her indignation. Shiva ponders regarding the reason why his heart is thumping quicker when Raavi is nearer to him. Gautam brings milk for Dhara and requests that she drink it. Dhara shows him a date and lets him know that soon they will get uplifting news. Gautam wants for her joy.

The two of them talk concerning how their girl will resemble. He says that she will seem as though him. She says that they will get her little girl instructed in a tremendous University. She embraces him and they get into an adorable contention. He requests that she experience the evening. She requests that he keep a fiction. Gautam says that there is no requirement for work now and will do that later. Dhara lets him know how glad she is. Gautam wants for him to be content just as she embraces him. Gautam and Dev knock on Suman’s entryway to awaken her. Everybody gets strained as she doesn’t open the entryway. They opens breaks and they all gets stunned.


Precap: Dhara swoons making everybody stunned. Gautam asks Doctor how is Dhara to which she lets him know that the child didn’t developed from one month and assuming it stays like that, it will be destructive for Dhara.

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