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Molkki 7th October 2021 Written Update


Molkki 7th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Scene starts with Purvi lets Arjun know that how Daksh holded her that day. He requests that she not move and checks server’s position and notification the lodging’s blossom container and requests that the server leave. Then, at that point, he takes Purvi to Police station. She asks him that for what valid reason they are going there now. He tells her that she questions a great deal. Sakshi calls Purvi and asks her that did they discover any proof.

Purvi tells her that Arjun is truly abnormal and they are going to the police headquarters. Sakshi requests that she endure Arjun’s conduct since he is their last expectation. Purvi tells her that she will deal with it. Anjali catches Sakshi’s discussion with Purvi and understands that they discovered Lawyer to save Virendra. She educates about Arjun to Prakashi. Prakashi tells her that she need to meet Arjun.

Arjun tells Police overseer that he need to see Daksh’s dead body. Police auditor allows to him. Purvi asks Arjun that for what reason he need to see Daksh’s dead body now. Arjun tauntingly tells her that he jumps at the chance to see dead body that is the reason. They goes to a funeral home room. He takes his camera and snaps photos of Daksh’s dead body and grins. She asks him that for what good reason he is grinning. He tells her that Virendra’s case going to get returned. She gets some information about proof. He tells her that Virendra will be out of prison soon. She lets him know that she is Virendra’s better half so she has full rights to know it all. He won’t tell her anything and educates her that he will call her to advise about court hearing date.

Afterward, Purvi tells Sakshi that Arjun discovered proof however he isn’t uncovering about proof. She gets Arjun’s message and advises Sakshi that tomorrow they have court hearing. Prakashi and Anjali catches their discussion. Anjali asks her that what are they going to do now.

Following day, Prakashi asks Sakshi and Purvi that where are they going. Sakshi deceives her that they will discover Lawyer. Prakashi tells her that she needs Virendra to get back from prison as quickly as time permits. Purvi and Sakshi arrives at the court and sits tight for Arjun. He shows up there and requests that Purvi advise Sakshi to avoid him and moves from that point. Purvi look through Arjun and sees him with Prakashi and Anjali. Prakashi offers cash to him which shocks Purvi.

Purvi leaves from that point and chooses to illuminate everything to Sakshi. She gets shock seeing Nani in the court. She educates Sakshi regarding Prakashi and Arjun. She says to her that they need to discover one more Lawyer to save Virendra. Police brings Virendra there. Court hearing starts. Sakshi lets Purvi know that now they can’t do anything.

Daksh’s Lawyer tells Judge that Virendra merits discipline for killing Daksh. Arjun tells Judge that Virendra is honest and he has proof to demonstrate that. He presents Daksh’s dead body pictures to Judge. He shows Daksh’s dress which he was wearing that day and tells Judge that Virendra’s projectile contacted Daksh’s shoulder just which shocks everybody.


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