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Molkki 7th December 2021 Written Update


Molkki 7th December 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Scene starts with Virendra opens the entryway. She lets him know that she is happy that he understood that she did nothing out of sorts and she didn’t kill Anjali as well. He tells her that he needs to play out Renu’s commitment ceremonies with her. He illuminates her that today Satyam and his family coming and assuming everything worked out in a good way, today commitment and tomorrow marriage will occur.

He tells her that she needs to give wedding band so when he calls her she needs to come to give ring and leave from that point quietly. She lets him know that he would have send another person to illuminate this since she thought he trust her now. He tells her that she broke the heart which confided in her and leaves from that point. She chooses to converse with him after Renu’s marriage. She thinks to discover reality later. She tracks down the record of ‘Bodiya Haveli’. She reviews Anjali’s message.

In the mean time, Kajri acclaims about herself to other woman and tells her that she will deal with her until the last’s conveyance. They arrives at the emergency clinic. Afterward, Prakashi requests that Kajri stay caution and kill that woman’s child. She tells her that the last option will land 10lakhs for this position. She requests to reach her in the wake of wrapping up the task and disengages the call. Purvi catches her discussion with Kajri and miracles that Prakashi was discussing whose fetus removal. She chooses to arrive at Bodiya to stop that young lady’s fetus removal.

Satyam lets Virendra know that he is happy that the last option called them to discuss marriage however why now when Anjali passed on as of late. Prakashi lets him know that Priest said that assuming marriage will not occur tomorrow then they needs to delay the marriage for a very long time that is the reason. She gets some information about marriage arrangements since they will deal with it. Virendra tells Satyam’s folks that he isn’t constraining them however it’s a solicitation. He illuminates them that he even organized a task for Satyam.

Satyam lets Virendra know that he need to secure position without help from anyone else. He says to him that he will not have the option to give castle life to Renu however he will deal with her all around well. Satyam’s dad tells Virendra that Satyam don’t have the foggiest idea how to talk. Virendra lets him know that he needed this sort of fellow just for Renu. He attempts to tell about Renu’s past. Satyam lets him know that he is familiar with that and he couldn’t care less with regards to her past. He takes Virendra’s endowments.

Specialist requests Kajri to take care from patient after early termination. Kajri tells her that that woman ought not have any familiarity with her early termination. In any case, Anjali hears their discussion and chastens Kajri and tells her that she won’t leave Prakashi and runs from that point.

Prakashi requests that Sakshi bring wedding band. Virendra stopped Sakshi saying that Purvi would bring him and he called Purvi. Purvi arrives at the Bodiya town’s medical clinic. She thinks to give gems to Doctor to stop the fetus removal. Barely any hooligans pursues Anjali. Purvi sees that and however she was unable to see Anjali’s face due to cloak. Virendra discovers that Purvi isn’t in her room. Sakshi lets him know that Purvi flee with gems. In the interim, Purvi chooses to save Anjali from thugs.


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