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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 8th October 2021 Written Update

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 8th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Pallavi asks Esha is she alright. Esha gestures yes. She then, at that point, asks Raghav is he insane only for an agreement however Raghav intercedes and tells it’s anything but an agreement then, at that point, prevents himself from saying further then scowls at Esha and leaves the spot. Pallavi apologizes to Esha for Raghav’s conduct. Esha tells that she is getting late for her work and she is okay so Pallavi chooses to leave the spot.

Pallavi thinks why Raghav is having such a lot of issue with Esha. Farhad talked to someone on the phone about Esha. She then asks Farhad what happened. Farhad tells Keerti everything that amazes her and wonders if she is like that. Pallavi goes to the house with Raghav and asks him for what good reason he is imagining that Esha is the person who behind the public authority authorities alter their perspective to give him time. She likewise inquires as to why he has such a lot of issue with Esha.

Raghav tells Pallvi that he knows Esha well that they lived together at school and she could not care less about anything but cash. Pallavi gets some information about his business which will confront the misfortunes on account of his indiscreet choices however Raghav requests that Pallavi let him do what he need in his business likewise lets Pallavi know that he would prefer not to work with Mr.Dasari additionally he don’t mind due to this he needs to go to the jail. Pallavi gets stunned before she could say anything Raghav leaves the spot. Pallavi tells that he is so difficult however she can’t allow his conduct to influence his business so he needs to accomplish something.

Vijay works in his home with the PC. He shows that to Milind who comes there and tells its Work From Home for him. Then, at that point, the two of them hears a notice sound yet Vijay doesn’t have a clue how to utilize so Milind opens the mail and discusses Raghav’s customer who sent an email saying that he loved the plans which Raghav sent him likewise he has given a piece of cash for the orders.He also said in the e-mail that he needs to meet Raghav face to face and realizing that everything is going well, he will give Raghav a chance to make a wedding decoration which will be in a few months. Vijay tells it’s an uplifting news and he will tell this to Farhad. Sulochana comes there and asks Vijay for what good reason he is glad for Raghav.

Vijay tells he is glad for the organization which he is working then, at that point, leaves the spot. Milind cautions Sulochana to not to impel Vijay against Raghav. Sulochana blows up and leaves the spot. Pallavi comes to Mr.Dasari office. She contemplates internally that she will converse with Mr.Dasari might be on the off chance that it works out she will ensure Raghav acts expertly. Pallavi goes close to the workplace room and sees Esha giving the renunciation letter to Mr.Dasari.

Esha lets Mr.Dasari know that she needs a break from everything so request that he acknowledge her abdication likewise she requests that he do the arrangement with Raghav saying its significant for both the organizations when Mr.Dasari asks Esha is she doing this for Raghav. Keerti goes to Raghav and lets him know that Pallavi asked her is she realize who is Esha. Raghav gets stunned and adi’s Keerti what she told to which Keerti tells that she dont know sho she is. Raghav says to Keerti that he toldPallavi they are school mates why she deceived Pallavi that she doesn’t know Esha.

Keerti asks Raghav is Esha is just his schoolmate and afterward asks him for what good reason he deceived Pallavi..she further says why he is responding prefer as such seeing Esha on the off chance that he has as of now continued on. Raghav lets Keerti know that he continued on however the haterness he has for her is still there. Keerti requests that Raghav not to ruin his business due to this likewise requests that he tell everything to Pallavi. Raghav explains to Keerti why everybody is exhorting him about his business and tells that he dont need to discuss Esha to Pallavi.Keerti tells Raghav know that there are differences between her and Pallvi that she understands that she chooses to recognize Pallvi as her best friend and sister-in-law who likes her better half so she has the options to tell Raghav to not to do this to Pallavi and his own business and never let Esha influence him along these lines and leaves the spot.

Pallavi hangs tight for Esha outside Mr.Dasari’s office. Esha gets stunned seeing Pallavi thete who tells her that she needs to converse with her. Esha concurs. Pallavi says to Esha that Raghav enlightened her beginning and end concerning them. Esha gets stunned and asks everything. Pallavi says yes she then, at that point, asks Esha for what valid reason she is leaving the work. Esha tells Pallavi that Raghav is obstinate and he doesn’t pay attention to anybody that is the reason she settled on the authorities alter their perspective to give him some time yet he domt need that as well.

Raghav has effectively gone through a ton in light of her she can’t allow his business to ruin since they were a couple who cherished each other yet separated. Pallavi gets stunned and asks a couple? Esha asks Pallavi she is the person who told that Raghav told her beginning and end right and gets stressed. Raghav contemplates Keerti’s words. Pallavi comes there and asks Raghav is Esha is his ex. Raghav gets stunned and afterward tells Pallavi yes. Pallavi asks Raghav for what valid reason he is responding this way if its main his past. He is all set to the jail and there Esha surrendered her work for him.

Raghav tells that Esha is doing that for her own advantages. Pallavi attempts to shield Esha however Raghav yells at her. He then, at that point, feels regretful so he embraces her and apologizes fo her. Pallavi causes Raghav to sit and tells him assuming he needs he can discuss his past. Raghav tells Pallavi that Esha and him fall head over heels for one another however one day she came to him and dismissed him saying he will wed an individual who is rich. That day he broke and altered his perspective on ladies and cash. He then, at that point, lets Pallavi know that he dont need to go through that equivalent aggravation and seeing Esha bring back those recollections. He then, at that point, puts his head on Pallavi’s lap. Pallavi puts her head on Raghav’s shoulder who looks mournful eyes.


Precap: Raghav tells that she is correct cash is to satisfy their need and takes a gift confine his hand and tells that today he will place his Ego in his pocket and leaves. Pallavi purchases a watch for Raghav and goes to meet him joyfully. She then, at that point, gets stunned seeing Raghav giving Esha and pivots with tear filled eyes.

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