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Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 1st October 2021 Written Update

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 1st October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Sunny started the episode to talk to ACP Lakshmi but the junior officer told him that Raghav had exchanged it. Sunny shockedÛ” Raghav comes to his room and tells Pallvi that a team of doctors will come and examine him in the evening till she tells him to rest. Pallvi asked him to come closer to her. Raghav helps Pallvi to sit down. Pallvi asked Raghav why she felt changed when she regained consciousness.

Raghav tells Pallvi that he has realized his mistake. He also says that he thinks that his wrongdoings will affect his beloved. Pallvi tries to tell Raghav that it is not his fault that he is in this condition but Raghav intervenes and tells him not to tell him that he feels less guilty because he knows it is his fault. She tells Pallvi that she doesn’t know what it is when she faints. He has already lost his father and brother and he does not want to lose them.

Losing his father and brother, he became a man no one wanted, but seeing him in danger, he became the man Pluto wanted him to be. He then promises Pallvi that he will never engage in any illegal activities. Palvi is happy and thanks him for agreeing and making this decision. Amarota came to meet Miland and Vijay Pallvi.

Amruta praised Raghu and called him lucky to have Raghav as her husband for life. Miland told Pallvi that he would inform Sharda about his recovery. Vijay told Pallvi to get well soon and told him that they were all worried about him. Pallvi thanked him for seeing her. Later, Raghav takes good care of Pallvi. Pallvi starts her normal activities one by one.

Pallvi asked Raghav when Jaya would return, to which Raghav told her that she had gone to her brother’s house and returned in a few days. The palate gets upset. The medicine is getting bitter. Raghad and Palvi are stopped by Farhad who tells Raghav that government officials are here to meet him. Raghav asks Farhad to tell him that he is busy taking care of his wife so he asks her to come back later but Pallvi assures Raghu that she is fine and tells him to talk to the officers.

Raghav agreed and went to talk to the officers. Officers tell Raghav that they can’t give him more time, so they want the diamond crown on the same date they told him earlier. Raghav assured him that he would get his crown on time. Farhad asks Raghav if he does so, he will suffer a great loss.

Raghav tells Farhad that he knows but he will keep his promise and tells Farhad to arrange the diamonds legally. Farhad agreed and left. Pallvi listens to everything from outside the room and goes inside and hugs Raghu. She then tells Raghav that he has really changed and he is very happy for her.

Raghav told Pallvi that he would do anything for her. He also points out that the wife always praises her husband’s accent on the unwritten principle in the husband-wife relationship book. Pallvi mocks Raghav’s form Raghav then takes Pallvi with him and tells him that he will tell him the answer he wants and brings his face closer to him but they are interrupted by a call. So Raghav told Pallvi that it was a business call. Pallvi left the place.

Amruta was wondering what message to send to Farhad. Sulochana asks Amruta to talk to Farhad about their marriage. Mansi listened to her and thought to herself that she would not allow Amruta’s marriage to take place before she and he left. Amruta tells Sulochana that she will talk to Farhad about her past, then she will make a decision and then leave the place where Sulochana told her not to interfere.

Raghav informs his employees that they are closing showrooms. He also apologizes to them for doing so suddenly but he has no other option. He likewise vows to assist them with finding a decent line of work. They all nodded and left. Raghav asks Farhad to give six months salary check to all the employees of the three showrooms. He then told one of the employees, a member of his family, that he had lost his job and left the house, wiping away his tears.

Raghav gets upset. Pallvi talked to Jaya and told her that she wanted to surprise Raghav to change herself so she decided to make her favorite dish. She also tells Jaya to come home soon. She then arranges a table and wonders where Raghav is. Raghav comes there intoxicated and tells Pallvi to tell Rajan not to cook so much food as he cannot stand it. He also says he has to return to the village soon. Farhad and Pallvi took Raghav to their room.

Farhad asked Pallvi to do something to stop Raghav empties the bottle with a bottle of alcohol, which makes Raghav startled and tells Pallvi not to touch them all, saying that he loves her and he also loves whiskey. He then takes her out of the room and tells her that he is not allowed to go there and took Farhad inside the room to check the file. Pallvi says Raghav compared it to these bottles to make sure that the bottles of alcohol came out of the house.


Precap: Farhad praises Raghav for reciting mantras in Sanskrit. Raghav praised a girl who taught him this. Farhad asked who is that girl? Later Raghu and Pallvi challenge each other that the medical report that will be taken is good for Raghu what he drinks otherwise he will have to give up. Pallvi heard Sunni Keerti saying that they are becoming parents and are shocked.

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