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Malaika Arora in Gemy Maalouf’s favorite gown shows how to make your outfit a party life

Malaika Arora (1)

What benefit is a party with less glitz or very little sparkle? Thus, while your mission to take a gander at all of the diva easily falls into place, let your outfit get some credit as well. Thus, if smaller than expected dresses or shorts were all that you admired, here’s a motivation your heart couldn’t imagine anything better than to twofold tap on. Bringing the right edge is Malaika Arora in this metallic outfit.

Malaika Arora (2)

As you return to the life you’ve may have missed, this Gemy Maalouf’s pleated gown from the Fall/Winter 20/21 collection is the gold standard of party outfits. This dreamy ensemble was designed with a plunging neckline and a knot detail that separated the bodice from the flare that opened into an alluring look. Those exaggerated wide long sleeves welcomed drama modishly and it sure contributed towards upping the sensuous potential of the entire look.

Malaika Arora (3)

A great pick for cocktail nights, this will never promise havoc. This isn’t the first time Malaika has given us style tips with groundbreaking outfits from sequin sarees to gowns that are surely focused on packing a mesmerising punch. Caution: You’ll probably never get over the high of how perfect these silhouettes can look on you.

Malaika Arora (4)

Design beautician, Maneka Harisinghani wrapped the look with gold extras like fingerings and bangles. The sparkle high eyelids, very much prepared eyebrows, amazing frown, and those blustery waves assisted with assembling the brilliant number.

Malaika Arora (5)

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