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Latest News About yrkkh

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, 17 Aug 2021, Written Update: Kartik rouses Sirat to continue her training

Latest News About yrkkh is an Indian TV drama that airs on Star Plus and streams on Hotstar. It debuted on 12 January 2009 and is the second longest running Indian TV drama. Created by Rajan Shahi under Director’s Kut Productions, it at first featured Hina Khan and Karan Mehra and right now stars Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan.

In March 2019, a side project, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, featuring Rhea Sharma and Shaheer Sheik was dispatched which finished in October 2020 finishing 355 scenes.

Akshara and Naitik, both from an enormous Marwari joint family situated in Udaipur, have a masterminded marriage. After marriage, they battle to know one another and bit by bit start to get, backing and love one another. They before long bring forth a child, Naksh. Naitik falls into a state of extreme lethargy because of a mishap.

Equal stories incorporate Akshara’s senior sibling, Shaurya’s romantic tale with her dearest companion Varsha who wed and bring forth a girl, Ananya. Naitik’s sister, Nandini weds Mohit Agarwal and takes on Yash and Rashmi weds Nikhil.

After four years

Naitik recuperates from the extreme lethargies and battles to security with his young, naughty child Naksh. Nikhil divorces a pregnant Rashmi. Before long, the family needs to confront Gayatri’s passing after which, Rashmi brings forth a little girl whom she names Gayatri after her mom and Rajshekhar’s remarriage to a divorced person Devyani who has two youngsters, Naman and Muskaan.

Notwithstanding Naksh experiencing diabetes, he wins in a football match. Anshuman and Jasmeet just as Naman and Karishma get hitched. Nandini brings forth Anmol somewhere else Akshara and Naitik have a little girl, Naira. Naksh loves his sister Naira such a lot of that he additionally bunks his school for her. Before long, Muskaan and Alok wed while Mahendra Pratap kicks the bucket and Kaveri faults Akshara for the equivalent and ousts her. Naitik and Akshara alongside their youngsters move out.

After ten years

Latest News About yrkkh is that, they migrate to Cape Town in South Africa and have been living there since. Naksh gets back to Udaipur and persuades Kaveri to pardon a blameless Akshara, and consequently the family return and rejoin. Rashmi weds Sameer and her girl Gayatri acknowledges him.

Naksh experiences passionate feelings for Tara. Because of her sibling Sangram, Akshara falls into a lake and is saved by Naitik, however is briefly dazed. It is uncovered that Kuhu is the little girl of Shaurya and Sneha, Naitik’s representative, because of a previous extramarital issue. The family abandons Shaurya however later acknowledges him.

Then, at that point, Ananya and Ranveer wed. Naksh breaks his wedding in view of Tara’s prenup. Then again, dreading being wrongly faulted for her companion Sukanya’s passing, even by Akshara and frightened of detainment, Naira escapes from Udaipur.

After a few years

Naira lives in a halfway house in Rishikesh and has grown up as willful yet unreliable and pompous where she meets Kartik Goenka, a youthful and positive man. Akshara comes to there to subsidize the halfway house and discovers Naira there. She brings her back on the appearance of saving her shelter. Naira starts to acknowledge her family with the exception of Akshara. Kartik shows up in Udaipur as Naitik’s worker where a circle of drama is framed between him, Gayatri and Naira. Kartik understands his affection for Naira while Gayatri for Kartik. Yash and Rose wed as in the end, Naira acknowledges Akshara.

Akshara, Kartik, Naira and Gayatri save Naitik who was hijacked and endeavored to be killed by Naman. Afterward, Kartik admits his adoration for Naira however she flees. Before long, Naman’s offense is uncovered to the family aside from Mishti and everybody repudiates him and hands him to the police.

Naira is befuddled with regards to her adoration yet later understands her affection for Kartik and admits it as Gayatri penances her adoration for her. Akshara is killed in an abrupt auto collision brought about by Kartik’s cousin Mansi for which Kartik is accused. The Singhanias and Maheshwaris repudiate Kartik however soon they understand that he isn’t to blame and bails him.

Latest News About yrkkh, a couple of months after the fact, Kartik and Naira wed in a terrific service. Kartik abhors his dad Manish and his stepmother Suvarna as he remarried her after his mom’s demise and truth be told accepts he was liable for the equivalent. Everybody before long discovers that Mansi is the reason for Akshara’s passing however with crushing sadness Naksh-Naira takes the case back and the families accommodate. Afterward, the family have Naksh and Keerti wedded after Aditya’s offenses become known. At first wedding for the wellbeing of Naira, he starts to cherish Keerti. It is additionally uncovered that Shubham is Suvarna and Manish’s child. Naira satisfies her folks fantasy about opening a dance institute. Shubham bites the dust of a medication excess and Naira is faulted for concealing his chronic drug use. Naira leaves as Kartik and Suvarna don’t confide in her. In this way, Kartik and Naira get isolated.

After two years

Naira alongside Naitik lives in Mumbai. Unintentionally, Kartik becomes educator for a similar class which Naira joins. At last, Anmol and Mansi wed as Kartik and Naira separate. Be that as it may, soon both just as Suvarna understand their missteps and rejoin.

Naira before long goes through a medical procedure for a cerebrum coagulation and remarries Kartik. Keerti and Naira are later both uncovered to be pregnant. They meet with a mishap when Keerti slips into unconsciousness. Both go through conveyance while Naira’s child young lady is educated dead after which Kartik trades the children. As Keerti awakens from the extreme lethargies, the family thinks that it is out and faces him. Naira eventually loses her memory however at long last recaptures memory and they rejoin.

Further, Samarth succumbs to a pregnant Gayatri and weds her after Vivaan’s passing. Naira presently enters the business after Manish’s coronary failure. Kartik feels uncertain of Naira’s bustling daily schedule. Naira discovers she is pregnant. On his misconception and inquiries concerning her connection with Mihir, Naira reproaches him and tempests out of the house without illuminating him regarding her pregnancy and meets with a mishap and is assumed dead by the family.

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