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Kundali Bhagya 9th December 2021 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 9th December 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Karan arrives at the plant, he gets the dupatta of Preeta, Sonakshi taking out the portable messages somebody saying the work is done, Sherlin picks the telephone and in the wake of perusing it requests that Simmi leave on the grounds that the work has been done and she will get the cash, Sherlin is happy that this spot is close to their home since now today would be the last day of Preeta in the Luthra house, Sherlin arrives at the house and is happy on the grounds that nobody realized that she was absent and is happy in light of the fact that now their beloved little girl in law would be tossed out of the house, Karina in energy says that Sonakshi has discovered the area of Pihu, she even called Karan educating him regarding the area.

Sherlin runs towards Karina, Kritika requests that she quiet down if not she would fall, Rakhi questions assuming she is fine, Sherlin answers she is truly energized on the grounds that Sonakshi has demonstrated that the connection of a mother and girl is over some other connection, karan reported that he would compensate any individual who finds the area of Pihu however nobody assisted them with aside from Sonakshi whom they all consider to be an outcast, she, at the end of the day, isn’t a mother yet might consistently want to be as Sonakshi on the grounds that even gave her little girl to Preeta and never contrasted herself with anybody, nobody gives their youngster, the Luthra’s provided Preeta with the obligation of a mother yet she flopped every single time, while Sonakshi came out as the champ.

Sherlin shouts that when Sonakshi’s hands got copied she said nothing to them since her girl was in peril even today when they imagined that Vinod would be the one to help them yet it was Sonakshi who discovered the area of Pihu, Rakhi questions how might she look at two moms, Sherlin asks what has she said wrong in light of the fact that Preeta went crying to her room while Sonakshi looked into Pihu, Rakhi chastens her requesting that she hush up, Karina agreeing with her stance questions why she should stop since whatever she is saying is reality, she shouts she doesnot need to have any discussion with Rakhi as she is simply stressed over Pihu.

Preeta gets out of the car, she asks the janitor to pay the driver but the police stop her, she clarifies that he is the same person who called them so inquires as to whether all is well, he says that Sameer and Shristhi have been conceded to the clinic since they were tracked down oblivious at the plant. Preeta is stressed when the assessor shouts that they were given a high portion of chloroform, yet presently they are attempting to look for the criminal, Preeta takes the name of Sonakshi, inquiring as to whether they have not had the option to track down her, she surges inside the house.

Karan alongside the whole Luthra family is tensely sitting tight for her, Preeta going into the house cheers shouting that Pihu is fine, she hurries to embraces Karan shouting that Pihu is fine, Karan sees the injury so inquires as to whether she is harmed when Preeta answers that it is not something to be stressed over when Dadi shouts they have went through such a major occurrence however she is glad, Preeta attempts to clarify that she was unable to oppose residing in the house and went to secure Pihu, Rakhi asks when did she take off from the house since they all idea she was in her room, Preeta apologizes uncovering she was unable to remain in the house so went to ensure, she even apologizes to karan saying how she realizes he requested her to remain inside, Karan answers she got injured as a result of it.

Dadi standing inquiries what is the need that Preeta got her own girl abducted, Sherlin digging out from a deficit says it was on the grounds that she wanted cash, Preeta gets stunned hearing this and the whole Luthra family is additionally staggered, Sherlin shouts that she wanted twenty crores to save the marriage lobby of her mom since she heard their discussion when she came to meet her, Sarla guaranteed Preeta there was nothing to stress over when Sarla requested that she proceed to bring her tote, Sherlin came out thinking about what is happening when a man quit chatting with Sarla how when his mom let him know that this sum was not of stress to Sarla since her girl is the spouse of Karan Luthra, Sarla then, at that point, requested that the individual leave before her girl comes any other way she would feel terrible, she will herself give the whole sum, Preeta then, at that point, brought her tote while Sherlin was hearing their discussion, after Sarla left she thought about an arrangement.

Preeta asks Sherlin what is she discussing and is she in her detects, Sherlin shouts that everything would be arranged when she chats with the individual on the call, she while chatting with him questions how much cash does Sarla need to save her marriage corridor, the individual uncovers the sum, Preeta questions for what reason are their such countless inquiries in their souls, Preeta sees Sonakshi so then, at that point, begins to battle with her asking what is she doing in her home, Sherlin drives Preeta away when Dadi shouts that Sonakshi is the person who stow away in the storage compartment of Karan’s vehicle and afterward the vehicle of the hijackers, after which she battled with them, Dadi shouts this is the way the obligation of a mother is satisfied.

Preeta answers she is the person who did this all not Sonakshi, she attempts to disclose to karan who out of frustration asks her what is she saying, she uncovers that Sonakshi is lying since she never wanted any cash from their family anyway karan doesnot trust her, even Mahesh stands up addressing what’s going on did he do as he generally thought to be her as his own girl, for what reason did she not come directly to him assuming she wanted any cash as he would have given her not twenty million but rather 200,000,000, Preeta can’t trust anything. Sonakshi while going about as though she is crying inquiries Preeta is the reason she is continually harming the Luthra family both intellectually and truly.

Karan is continually paying attention to everything when Sonakshi shouts they all saw at the Diwali work how Pihu got caught in the wafers, and surprisingly when the food stalled out in her throat, everything happened in light of the fact that Preeta couldn’t be a decent mother, she therefor chose to abduct Pihu and afterward likewise request the cash to save the marriage corridor of her mom.

Preeta questions assuming she is finished with her story, Preeta clarifies she is the little girl in law of the Luthra family and has not done anything wrong, she really focuses on them so why Sonakshi is acting, Preeta says that Sonakshi could always be unable to reside in this house, karan turns addressing Preeta where is Pihu, Preeta inquires as to for what reason is he conversing with her like this, Kritika shouts that it is on the grounds that they are stressed she may attempt to hurt Pihu.

Preeta questions what is she saying, Dadi additionally shouts that nobody would accept whatever she says since she alongside Mahesh and Karan have heard everything even before she showed up, Preeta answers she doesnot know what they have heard yet isn’t reality, Karan says he would not trust anybody yet what might be said about the ruffian since when he arrived at the factory, the hijacker uncovered she was behind the abducting. Preeta is staggered to hear this disclosure.


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