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Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene starts with Abhi and his friends choosing to do the throw and Abhi tosses the coin noticeable all around to do the throw yet it falls under a tea poy. He and his companions look for it and in the process Abhi tosses a thing at his companion and faults on his another companion.

He tosses something on him yet it hits Abhi. His companion prods Abhi to which Abhi tosses pad at him and all the four get into a battle. Pragya hears the commotion yet keeps on working in her PC while Abhi witj his friends mess up the lobby.

Pallavi asks Prachi for what valid reason she is moving when she is harming. The guest lauds her truism shr is soo lost in God. Prachi says that she didn’t feel it. Pallavi requests to do the Pooja yet the visitor requests her to give the Kangan to the victor from the dance. Pallavi consents to do as such. Teji goes to bring the Kangan. Teji gives the Kangan to Pallavi who comes to Prachi and says that she hasn’t do directly by doing this.

Pallavi discloses to her that she attempted to show her low infront of the visitors. She attempted to embarrass her by appearing to the world that her relative has gi en her obligations. Rhea grins to herself hearing her fault Prachi. She discloses to Prachi that she shouldn’t have done this. The guest asks what she is conversing with her little girl in law and requests that she give the Kangan to the champ. Pallavi concurs.

Pallavi remains in the middle of them and says that she needs to give the Kangan to the meriting champ Rhea and offers it to her. Prachi feels that she is dismal on the grounds that she has harmed Pallavi again and not on the grounds that she didn’t get the Kangan. The guest acclaims Prachi and favors her. Pallavi requests that Prachi bring the Prasad and she goes to bring it. Ranbir causes her to sit and treats her injuries on her feet. Siddha sees them together and gets glad.

Rhea comes there and Ranbir asks her not to go to that side but rather Rhea goes there. Prachi discloses to Ranbir that he is an excellent spouse. He asks her to never move and hurt herself like that again. Sid yells at Rhea concerning for what reason did she come here when he denied.

She says she is hanging around for the Prasad anc asks Prachi. Sid gets dubious with regards to her. Prachi brings the Prasad and offers it to Pallavi. Pallavi gets the smell yet Dida derides her doubt. Pallavi is going to keep close to God yet Rhea deliberately runs with her and afterward shows the garlic to her.

Pallavi requests that Rhea make the Prasad and she takes Teji with her. Teji makes the Prasad. Rhea evilly feels that she has cut the wood of the support and even with a little weight it will tumble down.

Pragya comes down the stairs to see Abhi and his friends battling in a not really genuine manner. Abhi finds out if she needs to ride on his back subsequent to sitting on the couch and acting cool. Pragya feels abnormal. The Screen Freezes On Pragya..

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