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Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2021 Written Update on Saltfeed.com 

The Episode begins with Prachi requesting that Ranbir ask his heart, and says it misses me even presently. She requests that he ward his self image off and says I was sitting tight for you, yet you didn’t come. She says I have come, make one stage towards me and trust me. She requests that he stroll forward and hold her hand. Rhea yells enough and says that is it. She requests that she stop her theatrics. Prachi requests that she be tranquil and asks her not to consider isolating them, as there are two purposes behind their association. She says the explanation is that I won’t pay attention to you. Pallavi says stop and says I am quiet, and that is the reason you are continuing talking. She says Rhea and Ranbir will wed and requests that she leave. Prachi says not today and says let me say, and afterward I will acknowledge Ranbir’s choice.

She requests that he keep his hand on his heart and inquires as to whether he adores him. She says on the off chance that I want any evidence to demonstrate my adoration. Rhea says I will call Police assuming that you come here once more. She is holding Prachi’s hand and leading him out. Ranbir requests that Rhea leave Prachi’s hand and asks her for what good reason did you set aside such a lot of effort to come. He says I generally hear my heart and my life isn’t existence without you. He removes the laurel and ghatbandhan fabric. He says I love you Prachi. Prachi cries and rushes to embrace him. Song plays… .They have an embrace. Rhea is stunned and yells no. It shows it is her imagination.

Pallavi asks what was the deal? Rhea says Ranbir was there. Pallavi asks what was the deal? Rhea says ghatbandhan material opened. Pallavi says that is the reason you yelled so anyone might hear. Pandit ji says last round is remaining. Pallavi ties the ghatbandhan once more. Rhea and Ranbir complete the last round. Pandit ji requests that they sit. Rhea thinks that I have cheated on Sid, Prachi will accept it and will think that Pallavi needs Ranbir and me to get together, and she will not come here. Panditji requests that Ranbir fill in his manga at least.

Prachi goes to the scene and gets some information about Ranbir Kohli’s marriage. The secretary says that way. Prachi runs towards there. Ranbir takes Kumkum in her grasp and again envisions Prachi, and fills Rhea’s maang. Prachi comes there and sees Ranbir filling Kumkum in Rhea’s brow. She swoons and tumbles down, before she could stop him. Rhea grins. Ranbir grins as he sees Prachi all things being equal. He then, at that point, makes Rhea wear the mangalsutra and grins. Prachi is oblivious. Later she acquires cognizance and says where is Ranbir. She crashes into the representative of the meal lobby, who tells that the marriage is done and they have left.

Prachi figures this can’t occur, and reviews Sid’s words. She figures this marriage can’t occur and keeps hand on her stomach. She emerges from the inn and says you had said that you are one lady man, why did you do this marriage? She says you had guaranteed me that you won’t ever leave me and says we have committed to be together for 7 births, why did you have connection with another person. She says you have gone a long way from me, and acted to be annoyed with me. She says you needed to wed Rhea and sold out me on the guise of continuing on.

She wipes her tears and says it is sufficient, you didn’t comprehend my affection and my sister likewise doesn’t merit my trust. She says you both have sold out me and I will offer response to your treachery. She says I won’t cry any longer, won’t ask for, yet will request my privileges. She says the matter is about my kid and his childhood. She says I won’t let you both play with us, and won’t allow you to live. She says I am coming to offer response to all your doings. She begins strolling out and about.

Pallavi calls Servant to bring aarti thaali. Ranbir and Rhea are remaining on the entryway for the grah pravesh. Vikram says he didn’t see her glad previously. Dida says she was glad at the hour of her marriage. Pallavi says my child and girl in law are sitting tight for me. She gets their tilak and aarti. Prachi is seen getting down the vehicle and strolling holding her gear streetcar. Pallavi cheerfully does the customs. Rhea grins. Prachi is coming there.

Pallavi begs that Rhea kick the kalash and step in Kumkum plate and go inside the house. She says bring your favorable feet inside the house. Rhea kicks the kalash and steps in Kumkum plate, and strolls inside the house joyfully. Ranbir is as yet remaining on the entryway and takes a gander at the impressions. He reviews Prachi’s grah pravesh and gets miserable. Shaina lets Rhea know that her room is having heartfelt inclination enhancement. Rhea and Ranbir take Pallavi’s gifts. Pallavi says God will keep their Jodi joined together. Prachi enters and says you can’t give them, this gift as God has made Ranbir’s Jodi with another person previously.

Everybody is shocked seeing Prachi. Prachi says you are offending God by making his Jodi with another person and placing God in issue. Ranbir takes a gander at Prachi. Melody plays… ..Mainu Ishq Huwa… .Prachi ventures inside the house strongly, takes water container from the feasting table and pours on Rhea’s impressions. Rhea blows up and asks what the heck? Prachi asks are you blowing up, as I have sprinkled water on your impressions, or in light of the fact that I have demolished your doings.


Precap: Prachi tells that she is Ranbir Kohli’s first spouse. Rhea yells Prachi. Prachi says and yo are his subsequent spouse. She says in the event that first spouse is alive then husband can’t remarry another person. She says according to IPC 494, this marriage is invalid and void, this is anything but a legitimate marriage. Rhea blows up. Prachi says your marriage is unlawful. Rhea is stunned and irate.

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