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Kumkum Bhagya 18th November 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 18th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

In the present scene, Ranbir and Prachi dream about and miss one another. Ranbir harms himself to quit contemplating Prachi. The servant clicks Prachi’s photograph and sends it to Rhea. Sushma requests that Prachi eat. Prachi denies. Sushma advises her to eat and deal with her wellbeing.

Sushma is confused with regards to how to manage Prachi. She wishes Pragya was here to help Prachi. She visits Abhi and Pragya, who are under clinical watch. Sushma argues Abhi and Pragya who are in a state of extreme lethargy to awaken.

The attorney returns home to meet Prachi. Pallavi asks Rhea for what reason she is anxious. Rhea inquires as to whether the attorney arrived at Prachi’s home with the legal documents. The legal counselor tells Prachi that Ranbir has sent the legal documents to get them endorsed by her. Pallavi says that Prachi will initially see the papers endorsed by Ranbir, then, at that point, she will be harmed, and afterward she will sign the papers.

Pallavi acclaims Rhea for producing Ranbir’s marks so well. The legal advisor requests that Prachi sign the papers. Prachi gets crushed. Sushma gets stressed seeing Prachi in tears. Prachi secures herself in the room.

Pallavi figures Prachi will request support from Ranbir. Rhea says she is prepared to pay any add up to Prachi to get Ranbir. She inquires as to whether Ranbir will consent to wed her. Vikram lets them know that Ranbir will consent to wed her once he gets separated from Prachi. He doesn’t need Pallavi to compress Ranbir for marriage. Rhea lets him know that they have effectively sent the legal documents to Prachi.

Pallavi lets him know that they thought to get Ranbir isolated from Prachi first and afterward talk about Rhea. She adds that they manufactured Ranbir’s marks on the legal documents. He is stunned. He says that Ranbir will get some information about the marks. Pallavi tells that she will mislead Ranbir. He cautions her against deceiving their child.


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