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Imlie 25th November 2021 Written Update


Imlie 25th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Imlie conversing with matarani about her article joyfully and afterward she petitions God for Aditya’s prosperity. Imlie sees Aparna in the sanctuary and shows her the article. Aparna prods her and afterward she says they ought to have acknowledged her at first this wouldn’t have occurred. Radha says they are sitting tight for Imlie when she will return. Imlie says she needs to go to office. She leaves in rush and finds Aryan.

Narmada’s puja thal tumbles down and Aryan asks Imlie for what reason she didn’t go to office yet. Imlie answers she came for darshan. Narmada gets glad to see her and converses with her in broken English. Later she calls Aryan presumptuous. Narmada recommends Aryan to go with Imlie as their objective is same. Imlie says she will not go as he drives the vehicle super quick. Last time he did it. Aryan quiets her down. Aryan and Imlie both decline to go together yet Narmada compels them.

Imlie copies Aryan while leaving and he scowls at her. Aparna tells Tripathis she met Imlie in the sanctuary. Sundar says he misses her a great deal. Malini gets some information about Aditya’s commitment as he was the person who helped her. However, she isn’t sufficiently appreciative, she is presently leaning toward another person and failed to remember Aditya. She incites Aditya saying she knows the significance of relations. Imlie needs support dislike this. Rupy sides with Imlie saying they should accept motivation from Imlie as she lives alone in inn and managing her dislike other people who knows just to reprimand. Malini figures she will design again against Imlie.

Imlie expresses gratitude toward Aryan for distributing her article. Aryan says he just went about his business nothing else. Superintendent sees Imlie in huge vehicle and she misjudges her once more. She chooses to scrutinize her.

Imlie gains from Aryan that he picked her article over Aditya’s article and distributed it on first page. Imlie gets stunned and says he shouldn’t have done that. Aditya’s article is far superior to hers. Aryan says she should zero in on herself in particular, he inquires as to for what reason does she care for Aditya to such an extent. Imlie gets sad and says as he is her guide and she regards him. Rupy lets Nishant know that it’s their chance to meet Imlie. They ought to celebrate in various manner. Nishant says Imlie will not celebrate without Aditya. Rupy says they can make Imlie and Aditya meet one another. Nishant likes the thought. Malini catches that.

Aryan arrives at office with Imlie. Aditya sees her emerging from Aryan’s vehicle and reviews Malini’s words. Imlie figures Aditya will compliment her yet he disregards her. Aditya enters office where everybody is discussing Imlie’s article. Aditya lets one know worker to zero in on his work as he isn’t so fortunate as Imlie. Imlie hears that and asks Aditya what he feels, is there any issue in her article. Aditya says paper is all day, every day business and her article shouldn’t be distributed on first page however on 6th page.

He doesn’t care for Aryan’s method of working. Imlie gets insulted and says now he questions her capacity. Aditya says he will not ask her anything from now as one inquiry completely changed him. Suraj tells them not to begin their contention again in office. Aryan learns Imlie is Aditya’s significant other. He signs and sees Imlie eliminated her last name Tripathi and he thinks implies Imlie got isolated from Aditya.


Precap – Imlie cries in road as she is tossed out of the lodging.

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