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Imlie 23rd November 2021 Written Update


Imlie 23rd November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Imlie declining to take help from Aditya. Aditya returns to work. Imlie attempts to begin the PC however thinks that it is troublesome. Suraj asks Aditya for what good reason wouldn’t he be able to help Imlie. Aditya answers she denied to take his assistance. Suraj says being the supervisor he is requesting Aditya to help Imlie. He tells Imlie the equivalent. Aditya goes with Imlie. Suraj meets Aryan and asks him for what valid reason he is being severe with Imlie. Aryan says he needs to check whether she can take pressure or not. She will complete the report under tension or will leave it that he needs to see. Suraj illuminates Aryan that Aditya is currently Imlie’s coach for the report.

Aparna gives the laddoo box to Harish and Rupy says she will go with them to meet Imlie and she will fix her telephone as well. Harish doesn’t permit her and Nishant prods Rupy. Malini catches that and says she broke the telephone to annihilate the evidence so she can’t face challenge if it gets fixed she will get found out.

Aditya takes Imlie to a ventures head office. He advises her to meet the lady CEO who is independent. Imlie says she needs to meet the lady tea seller. Aditya tells her to not show self image, he has ten years experience. Imlie says she doesn’t show self image constantly, she can think distinctively and being a helpless lady she can relate with another helpless lady. Not a rich CEO. Imlie confides in her instinct and goes to pose the seller a few inquiries. She takes tea and gets some information about the shop. The lady answers she brought fixings from the market and her significant other handles the money area.

Her significant other says its not her favorite thing in the world and being her significant other he can improve. Imlie says since he is a man he can’t peer down on his better half. If she can purchase stuffs and handle so many things she can assume the liability of money as well. The lady answers she used to be the gatekeeper of the head quarter however at that point she got terminated and chosen to open this shop. Yet, if her better half believed her they would have brought in more cash. Imlie says Trust is significant, who doesn’t confide in you, ought not remain in your life. Aditya offers her lift to drop her in inn however Imlie says she will oversee.

Imlie begins dealing with the report and Pankaj Harish shock her. Imlie gets enchanted seeing them. Pankaj gets some information about her work and Imlie says her manager is truly impolite, he torments her a ton. They cheer her up saying on the off chance that she buckles down she can win his heart as well. Pankaj gives her laddoo and Imlie gets glad seeing it.

Narmada and Arpita bother Aryan by showing young ladies’ photographs for marriage. He says he would rather not wed. Arpita says he generally contemplates work and can’t imagine any other person. Aryan examines Imlie and says that he is wondering if he has given the task to someone or if it will end within the cut off time. Imlie feels languid while composing the report and makes a decent attempt open her eyes yet because of resting pills she nods off.

Aditya figures how might Imlie finish the report. Malini requests that he determine what’s wrong. He tells Aryan. Malini says Aryan is showing interest in Imlie. She says she got data regarding Aryan. He is rich and qualified unhitched male as well. Aditya says Aryan is tutoring Imlie in incorrect manner he has issue with that. Malini incites him saying Imlie makes relations like that exactly how Aditya used to get disturbed with her however at that point fell head over heels. Aryan can likewise go gaga for her. Aditya loses all sense of direction in considerations. Malini leaves and grins. She figures now her arrangement will be effective and she thinks Imlie is dozing so she can’t complete the report.


Precap – Imlie emulates Aryan and sits in his seat. She tumbles down and Aryan sees her.

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