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Here’s the reason Faissal Khan never called for brother Aamir Khan for help

Faissal Khan-Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal Khan also wanted to make his mark in Bollywood but unfortunately he failed to make his mark in the early stages of his career. Now he is in the headlines again as he prepares to return from his film ‘Factory’. In addition to playing the lead role, Faisal is also the director of the project.

Recently, he was asked about his equality with Aamir Khan and did he get any help from him?

Faisal said, “No, I did not ask Aamir to help me build my career. I wanted to work for myself because whatever it is, my success, my failure is mine. He is my brother, he is good to me. Wishes but I had to go through a dark phase, it’s part of my journey. That’s my life. ”

He added, “Isn’t it ridiculous that when someone struggles to create something of their own and doesn’t have as much success as other siblings, they are asked why you don’t ask for help and support?”

If he gets help and succeeds, is it called kinship? Yes, I had a hard life but now I really want to get back to acting and directing films. I need opportunities for growth. And I’m emotionally and physically ready to make my way. “

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