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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd October 2021 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with everybody inviting Virat and Sai, they take endowments from God. Ninad says that he didn’t plays his harmonium untill she was in clinic. She request Bhawani, she comes out with moving dish on her hand. Sai tells her that she is coming from medical clinic andif she will hit with it again she will return to clinic. Sonali says that Bhawani is planning nourishment for Sai, Sai can’t accept. Bhawani says that she is planning for her. Samrat says that after long time she is planning Modak for us all. Bhawani request that they stop. Devyani and Karishma says that she is helping Bhawani. Palkhi insults that she likewise needs uncommon treatment like her. Palkhi faults Sai on the off chance that she can talk, why she was professing not to talk. Virat upholds Sai and says that from tomorrow 9nly she has begun talking and she was not imagining.

Samrat request that they stop as they need to celebrate on the grounds that everybody petitioned God for Sai. Ninad request that Virat take rest and take her to her room. Virat request that Sai have some rest, Ashwini stops Virat and says that Sai will take rest however not in Virat room, from today Sai will remain in another room alone. Bhawani and Ninad ask Ashwini that for what reason she needs to keep Virat and Sai in another rooms. Palkhi says Sai is Virat spouse is she won’t remain here as his better half then with what connection she will remain here. Mohit chastens Karishma, Samrat ask everybody to here complete sentence from Ashwini. Ashwini says that sSai resembles her girl, that is the reason she is taking choice for her sake.

Bhawani needs to ask the justification behind what valid reason she took this choice, Ashwini says that last week whatever occurred in the wake of reasoning part she resulted in these present circumstances choice. Devyani is against Ashwini choice, she doesn’t uphold her. Ashwini attempts to make her comprehend. Ashwini says that her choice is harsh for them yet this is the way of eliminating misconception from their relationship, and assuming she will do nothing, their relationship will wrap up. She reminds everyone that their lives are in danger whenever they think of moving away from each other. Virat upholds Ashwini and says that they previously took same choice in emergency clinic.

Ashiwini attempts to legitimize her choice. Sonali insults Ashwini. Shivani tells to Sonali that now a days Bahu won’t follow their saas. Shivani compromises them that Sai spouse is an IPS official. Omkar says that in Chavan manor this never happened Ashwini says that with time we ought to bring changes, as it’s her choice and she doesn’t need anybody to hinder in her choice as it’s intended for her little girl, Sai. Ninad says that Ashwini the results of this choice can break Virat and Sai relationship. Ashwini clarifies that Sai and Virat really focuses on one another, yet their wedding occurred in such conditions that they didn’t get time to see one another, she says that their relationship won’t break. She ask not to come down on Virat and Sai relationship. Bhawani ask Ashwini that she has taken such critical choice she ought to have examined before with Bhawani, Ashwini says that she have as of now talked about with a specialist.


Precap– Palkhi insults that Sai and Virat relationship will give one more guide to this house as beofre they use to rest seperately and presently they will remain seperate. Ashwini takes Sai to her room. Bhawani questions Palkhi. Palkhi says that she needs to perceive what new turn their relationship will take.

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