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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st October 2021 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Ninad saying where is Virat and Sai, Shivani says to Samrat that she is energetically sitting tight for them. Ashwini says that she is glad that when Sai left she did the pooja and today on last day she will likewise do the pooja. Sonali and Karishma is additionally not content with giving such a lot of significance to Sai. Palkhi says that it doesn’t look that Sai is coming from emergency clinic. Omkar says that we ought to celebrate and move and sing for Sai. Ninad says that he will play music and sing melody. Bhawani request that Ashwani get ready Modak for and some nourishment for Sai what she will eat she says that she will likewise help her in cooking. Everybody is stunned and ask Bhawani that she will cook for Sai, she says that she is wanting to cook that is the reason she is doing this.

Palkhi insults that Sai is truly fortunate that Bhawani is cooking for her. Samrat says that he is additionally exceptionally glad for her hand food. Sonali insults that have she at any point cooked for them, Bhawani additionally offers her back response. Ashwini ask Sonali that today is Visharjan, favorable day so we should shut down these contentions today. Karishma comes and incites Palkhi that soon Sai will be this house most loved Bahu. Ninad says that when Sai will return they can’t meet as expected in light of the fact that they will be occupied with cooking. Sonali request that Omkar stop and says to Bhawani that she isn’t dealing with her, Bhawani ask her not to over care for her. Devyani comes and cheerful as Bhawani is cooking Modak for them.

Bhawani request that Karishma help her, Sonali request that Karishma help. Bhawani says when Sai will come Ashwini will invite her. Devyani says that she likewise needs to help her in kitchen. Nanid stresses why Sai and Virat are so late, he request that Mohit check, Omkar stops them yet Shivani says that she like this new Ninad. Sai shows up, Shivani is eager to proceed to check. Samrat request that Shivani and Sonali stop their contention as Sai will see then what she will say. Palkhi insults Samrat and says that she imagines that she ought to carry a festoon to invite Sai. Palkhi insults Ninad and Bhawani that now they just thinks often about Sai. Everybody invites Sai at the entryway, Virat holds Sai and brings her inside. Palkhi is disturbed watching Virat holding Sai’s hand. Sai recollects the day she left, she delays while coming inside and watching everybody remaining to invite her.

Ashwini invites her inside and get some information about the kumkum on her head. Palkhi request that Sai stand by as Ashwini will take her Aarati, Samrta explains to her why she is saying like that. Shivani contends with Palkhi, Ashwini puts dark spot to Sai and Virat for hostile stare. Sai ask Mohit how was his presentation. He says that it was astonishing, he whines to Virat for what reason didn’t he informed him. Omkar yells at him and tells that he told them not to illuminate. Shivani says that we as a whole were feeling the loss of her. Mansi says that they all were feeling the loss of her. Sai says that she missed her however not every person in this house have a similar feeling like her.


Precap – Virat and Sai returns home, Virat takes Sai for some rest. Ashwini lets him know that Sai will take rest not in their room but rather in a different room and aslo tells him taht she will remain there as it were.

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