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Dakota Johnson’s tasselled gown captured everyone’s attention at the Venice Film Festival – See pics

Dakota Johnson (1)

50 Shades of Gray actress Dakota Johnson showed up at the Venice Film Festival as of late and boy, goodness, boy the Sun would be embarrassed, she raised the temperature and how! The actress looked stunning in a vigorously decorated outfit. Her photos are circulating around the social media and on the off chance that you missed it, we are here with a portion of her dazzling pics, that make certain to take your breath away and win your love at the main look.

Dakota Johnson (2)

Dakota wore a bare outfit which was sheer abdomen down. It had a plunging neck area and a little snap belt likewise made of embellishments. The outfit accompanied a highlighted shoulder that was intensely adorned.

Dakota Johnson (3)

Dakota chose the right make-up. She made-up her lips brown and light smokey eyes. The voluminous lashes drew out her striking blue eyes.

Dakota Johnson (4)

Dakota left her hair free behind her back. The pleasant wavy locks along the shore looked great.

Dakota Johnson (5)

Image credit: Instagram
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