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BTS members give invition to audiences to observe a super fun chat with Coldplay’s Chris Martin on this date – Watch


The highly anticipated BTS and Cold Play collaboration could soon become a reality! On September 3, BTS invited viewers to watch a highly entertaining conversation with Cold Play’s Chris Martin, which is set to be released this week on YouTube’s ‘Released’. ARMY, set alarms on Thursday at 11:45 ET, 9:15 AM IST and 12:45 PM KST.

BTS will talk about the positive emotions and feelings they felt while allowing the YouTube Challenge and will also review the various shorts offered by ARMY around the world. So don’t miss the official premiere party with BTS on YouTube!

Rumors of BTS and Coldplay collab have been circulating for a long time! It all started when BTS members performed a brilliant performance of Cold Play’s emotional song ‘Fix You’ on MTV Unplugged and Chris Martin shared a positive and grateful response to the recurrence. Shortly afterwards, Chris Martin was spotted in South Korea, and once again, there was speculation that he had gone to South Korea to work with BTS. Rumors, however, led to a baseless death at the scene.

However, ARMYs were once again optimistic when BTS members rumored that they had received a large number of reports of irresponsible reactions from Cold Play’s upcoming song ‘My Universe’ and Big Hit Music. Confirming earlier, BTS mentioned how it considers Cold Play one of its dreams and expressed a desire to collaborate with the British group in the first place. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin responded to Septet’s love and expressed a desire to work with BTS as well.


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