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Bigg Boss OTT 18th September 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT 18th September 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Grand Finale

Karan Johar enters the stage unfortunately as the melody Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum plays behind the scenes. He says what will befall him now. He says he is truly going to miss every single second. He says he can hardly imagine how they are at long last going to seperate. He says his eyes will rain a great deal today. He will recollect 24*7. He used to do Sunday Ka Vaar however presently what he will do. He requests to feel free to perceive what happened yesterday.

Day 41

08:00 AM

The inmates awaken to the melody dabhi si hasi. Nishant and Divya dance in the garden.

09:15 AM

Divya asks Raqesh for what valid reason he is admonishing her. She says he rests the entire day in Shamitha’s lap. She says he sees Shamitha all over.

01:00 PM

Divya peruses the letter from Bigg Boss which says that they should play two skita today. One assignment is gluten bani sautan and gives a production to them. Shamitha amd Raqesh are accomplice’s while Divya is behind Raqesh. Next drama is Nishant will be the intermediary. Divya and Pratik are the couple are Nishant makes them meet.

01:30 PM

The housemates examine about the play with one another.

05:00 PM

Bigg Boss says that the 24*7 live streaming finishes today evening with something worth being thankful for. For that there will be two exceptional visitors. Bharti Singh accompanies Harsh. The house mates gets energized seeing them. Bharti aaks Pratik to show his abs and he does. Cruel and Bharti acclaim them. He says she has watched OTT all over. Bharti says Gujaratis lie for cash however at that point acknowledges. She says today is the last day. They will give them grants also. Bharti says that none has saud that she has shed pounds. Bharti says they leave taking somebody with them. They acclaim Nishant.

Bharti says the show Dance Deewane still a hit without him. They say they feel awful for Neha. Cruel says that he cherished his association of Neha and Pratik. Bharti says she adored Neha. Cruel applauds Divya for battling alone. He says crowd are glad yet Varun Parents are not. Cruel says his affection for Shamitha is finished. She made himextremely upset. Bharti says she needs gluten free. He asks Raqesh how he is and he says he is fine. The two of them say that he has at last talked. Unforgiving says the two of them fix up without any problem. Bharti says the two of them beat each other when they battle. Unforgiving requests that they say something negative on the face.

He requests that Raqesh say to Nishant. He says what hurt him was he didn’t uphold him. Bharti calls Nishant Chugli Chachi. Nishant acknowledges Raqesh’s avocation. He says they will figure out once they leave. They ask Divya and Raqesh says that when she battles she becomes haughty. Next comes Shamith, he says she is solid witu her perspectives which now and again becomes negative for other people. Indeed, even he gets terrified now and again. She puts a kiss on his cheek. Next comes Pratik to which he says he never allows anybody to talk and he raises his voice a great deal and presently he comprehend him better and he is a decent individual.

Brutal requests that he say negative to himself to which he says he is escaper. They express gratitude toward him. Brutal says they came to realize that they have made a production prepared and requests that they start. He says they will begin with gluten bani sautan. They start the drama. The drama begins with Shamitha and Raqesh. Next Divya goes along with them. The house mates applauds them. They giggle as the play goes on. The house mates applauds them and commends them. They request next play. The production begins with Raqesh who presents Nishant. Raqesh finds out if his folks brought forth him with consent to which he says yes and gives an amusing model. He says not many days back they made a marriage in the house. Then, at that point Divya goes along with them. She requests a gorgeous and mannered Man.

She requests a spouse who gives her beginning and end she needs. He gives Pratik as a decision to her. Pratik joins the play. Pratik and Divya carry on like battling with one another where they say they would prefer not to battle with one another. Divya requests simply a man. He fixes up with Divya. Pratik comes there and beats him. Shamitha joins the drama and takes Nishant with her. The house mates applaud and chuckle. Bharti and Harsh recognition them. They requests that they lift the shade from the honors. Brutal says first awar gtg where they needs to stay away from. He asks Nishant whom they needs to give. He says it’s Pratik. He says everybody used to be terrified of him and afterward they became acquainted with how great he is. He gives the honor to him. Pratik gives an entertaining discourse. Next grant is AYMM and requests that Divya give.

She gives the honor to Shamitha. She calls her Mummy. Shamitha acknowledges it. Shamitha gives a discourse. They then, at that point request that she give grant GSFL grant. They requests that she provide for the individual who is terrible for their psychological well-being. She offers it to Pratik saying he continues to walk stripped which is terrible for their psyche. He continues to talk the entire day. She doesn’t comprehend with regards to why he talks soo much. She calls him adorable. Pratik gives the discourse expressing gratitude toward his abs. Next they ask Pratik GOI grant to somebody who battles about old things. He offers it to Shamitha. Shamitha expresses gratitude toward him for contemplating Raqesh. They then, at that point call Pratik and requests to give DND grant. Raqesh offers it to Nishant. Nishant gives an interesting discourse making them snicker.

They call Raqesh amd asks to GWS. He offers it to Pratik saying he takes a ton of film. Pratik much obliged. They request next game and requests that Nishant lift the shade. They requests that they play a game where one will keep water in their mouth and the other should make them giggle. They request that Shamitha keep water in her mouth and Nishant to talk. Nishant attempts to make her giggle and she snickers. Next they call Raqesh and Divya. Divya attempts to make him giggle by calling Shamitha Bhabhi and he chuckles. They then, at that point call Pratik and Nishant. Pratik makes him snicker. They then, at that point call Pratik and call Nishant.

Divya attempts to make him chuckle. Pratik imagines like resting. They neglect to make him chuckle. They request to play next game. They say Raqesh is their #1 person. They request that he compose a circumstance from their old memory. They request that he draw also. Raqesh begins drawing. They surmise that it’s Nishant. They then, at that point call Pratik. Pratik peruses the chit and starts drawing. Raqesh gets it. They next call Nishant who starts drawing. Pratik gets it. They request to play another game. He says they will call one individual which will be fill in the spaces. They need to take a plunge on the off chance that they concur with the appropriate responses. Pratjk puts on something else. They call Nishant. Unforgiving asks Pratjk run hain. He says Pratik rotlu hain. Aside from Pratik everybody concur with him. Pratik requests that he take a plunge.

Nishant takes a plunge in the pool. Shamitha requests to put on something else. Divya puts on something else too. Cruel asks Raqesh Shamitha dressing sense run hain to which he says awesome. Every one of them can’t help contradicting hin and he takes a plunge in the pool. He then, at that point calls Pratik. They ask Raqesh ka awareness of what’s actually funny to which he says incredible ahd they can’t help contradicting hin. He sits in the pool and holds up. They then, at that point call Shamitha and asks Divya ke saath baat karke run hojata hain to which she says mind impacts. Everybody can’t help contradicting her. She hops into the pool. They then, at that point call Divya and asks run will bevome the victor of BB OTT. She says Divya and they conflict. Shs bounces into the pool. They requests that everybody bounce into the pool and says the adoration finishes here.

They all leap into the pool. Unforgiving says now Bharti will say who is going out with her. Bharti says she is taking Harsh with her. She says the live finishes here and requests that they appreciate. They bid bye to them and leaves from that point. Bigg Boss says thanks to Harsh and Bharti for making the evening unique. The housemates share a gathering embrace joyfully. Bigg Boss says that now the live streaming finishes. The house mates say love you to all.

06:45 PM

Pratik discloses to Nishaht that he desires to see him once more. Divya finds out if she can call him sibling. He is sorry to her and the two of them embrace one another. Divya discloses to him that when he didn’t addressed her it hurted her.

07:30 PM

Shamitha discloses to them that she feels the cameras are off at this point. Divya and Nishant with Pratjk bother her. Shamitha requests that they stop. Divya discloses to Raqesh that the cameras are off and requests that he kiss Shamitha. He denies. She considers Shamitha and reveals to her that he us calling her. Raqesh comes to them. The house mates bother him too. They pull Raqesh towards her. They power then, at that point to kiss. The two of them embrace one another. They cover them and afterward they yell joyfully saying they kissed.

Section 03

Karan Johar hits on the stage. Every one of the old candidates are available in the show. Karan Johar invites the crowd into the house. He says that the contenders have done a ton of diversion. They made association with the crowd and presently only one individual will win the show. He presents the main five finalists. Everybody applauds. He says this is the stupendous finale night. The fourty days romantic tale. Presently there will be a joyfully ever after presently. They will come to know whom they decided to be the victor. He says the victor will get prize and 25 lakhs as the prize. Karan Johar says that the companions are eager to see who had extraordinary association.

He asks who are those ex desirous hopefuls. Karan calls Neha and gets some information about her contemplations. She says she has cried a ton. She shares how she felt. She says she misses her companions. She wahts to keep the associations for eternity. He then, at that point asks Akshara. She says her well known exchange. She says her excursion was lovely also. She has taken a ton of involvement in her. Karan says this was the way breaking show on OTT. He requests to meet the main five and requests to perceive what they are doing. Shamitha moves. Raqesh enters moving also. Then, at that point comes Pratik followed by Divya. He meets with top five. Bigg Boss says thar now in couple of hours one of them will get the prize and praises them. He sats that they have diverted it into home from house. He says they have kept the house alive.

They have seen every one of the shadings in this house yet in couple of hours they will take off from this house and return to their home. The home will become house again yet this is Life. They ought to commend it for making it engaging and well known. They have won the hearts of the crowd. They additionally made their names record in the Bigg Boss history. They merit congrats. Just one of them will win the prize however none of them loses in light of the fact that they have won the hearts and wishes the main five. He wants for an effective Life. He requests to raise a toast. They share the beverages after cheers with Karan and rhe ex candidates. Divya says her dress become filthy and says she is anxious. Karan asks who has the most extreme butterflies in their stomach.

He discloses to Raqesh that he looks quiet and says Pratik looks apprehensive. Karan reveals to Nishaht that he was behind the camera however presently he is infront of the camera. Nishant says he attempted to engage the crowd and everybody is meriting. Karan says he isn’t intrigued. He then, at that point says to Shamitha what is her feelings. She says she is anxious at this point. She says she has taken in a great deal from the House. She will become more acquainted with whether she has done set in stone onde he leaves. He then, at that point asks Raqesh. Raqesh says it is marvel that he is in top five. He says he will go with a nice sentiment now. Karan compliments him. He says this is natural product Champagne. He says he needs to offer this to somebody since he isn’t intrigued. Karan discloses to Pratik that everybody figured he will be the most detested yet he refuted them. He asks how could he change the game. Pratik says he is outrageous. He is outrageous in all things. He says he can’t be more genuine than this.

Karan salutes him. He then, at that point reveals to Divya that she has progressed admirably. He finds out if it was her benefit that she had no association. Divya says whether the crowd began liking her she got certainty. She says she has made association with herself. Karan applauds the finalists. He says doesn’t make any difference who wins however they remained for fourty two days. Their excursion resembled a top square buster and today they will see rhe peak. Karan says this season is a success and voot got lakhs of supporters. They all made the show a square buster. He says one of them will rest a serene rest today. That individual will be the champ. He informs them concerning the prize. They gets invigorated. He says that they will give an appreciative discourse before they win. In any case, they will give thank you discourse from others side. He asks Nishaht. Nishant imagines like Shamitha and gives a discourse like her in a quiet and amusing manner. They applauds him. Shamitha says it’s the most noticeably awful discourse of all time. She finds out if she is reallu that sofisticated. The house mates say yes. He then, at that point calls Pratik and requests to give Divya’s side of discourse. Pratik imagines like Divya and gives a discourse in an extremely amusing manner making everybody snicker. Divya grimaces and says she is strange. Karan requests that Divya give Nishant’s discourse.

Divya imagines like Nishant and gives discourse making everybody snicker and applaud. Karan says it’s awesome. Karan requests that Shamitha give Pratik’s discourse. Shamitha imagines like Pratik and acts like hyper dynamic and gives his discourse. Everybody snickers and applauds. Karan then, at that point requests that Raqesh say his discourse amd he says he can’t. He then, at that point gives his acknowledgment discourse. Everybody applauds him. He requests that they thank their desirous ex competitors also. Karan tells thrm that Karan is disturbed witu them. Karan Nath requests that they zoom on his clothing to which they say it is with Neha. Karan Johar asks Zeeshan what he needs to say to Pratjk. Zeeshan says he has nothing to say to him and says he needs Divya to pick the prize. He likes everybody with the exception of Pratjk. Karan reveals to them that they are their allies amd not against them. Neha upholds Pratik and Divya. Akshara upholds Nishant amd Divya. Moose just backings Nishant.

Zeeshan upholds Divya. Riddhima upholds Raqesh. Karan says that he don’t have the foggiest idea who will win however they have builds the endorsers of the house. Moose and Akshara offer commitment to Nishant. Riddhima and Zeeshan alongside Millind provide for Divya. Neha offers commitment to Nishant and Pratik. She says she has heard from the web that they are the explanation. Karan says it’s the ideal opportunity for title service and he is the adjudicator. He tells the ex contenders that they are the selected too. He says all that needs to be said and most exceedingly terrible drssed. They give their pics. Karan requests to offer it to Zeeshan in light of the fact that he never drssed. Karan requests to see best lines of the OTT season. They play the exchanges of the challengers. Karan says he declares Neha and Nishant as the victors. He then, at that point shows best wake up dance. They play the clasps. Karan gives the credit to Millind. He then, at that point says best OTT teacher.

They play the clasps. Karan gives the credit to Divya. He asks what address she wahts to give now. She says her knowledge is finished. Karan trusts that they are content with their titles however assuming they are not, he isn’t intrigued. He says he is eager to see their presentation. He says there was one association which got cherished by the crowd. He presents Nishant and Moose. Nishant and Moose dance to the melody bachke zara and not many different tunes. Karan favors them. He thanks everybody for watching excellent finale. There is another invigorated finale hanging tight for them. It’s MTV Splitsvilla. He says that in this house they never missed visitors. Also, today there are visitors too. He calls Ritesh with Genelia. The two of them go into the Bigg Boss house. The house mates gets energized seeing them.

Shamitha embraces Genelia. The house mates joyfully embrace them. Genelia discloses to them that they are looking spectacular. Ritesh advises Pratik to bring something from the store room. Ritesh applauds them. Pratjk brings Tea. Ritesh discloses to Pratik that he is young ladies top choice. Pratik shows his goods teling about the previous occasion. Genelia discloses to Shamitha she never realized she was a major spring of gushing lava. Ritesh reincites how Shamitha fell in the assignment. He gets some information about three five dialouge of his. Nishant clarifies it. Genelia discloses to him that there was not so much as a day where he didn’t move. They play a melody and the house mates dance. Ritesh discloses to Raqesh that he is a refined man. Before him a respectable man taken exist. Genelia discloses to him that she has observee him and he is heartfelt. Ritesh discloses to Divya that Bigg Boss has sent him for him. Genelia reveals to them that it had been a ton about associations. Ritesh advises Nishant to bring something from the store room. There were dolls and there is Shamitha and Pratik’s pic. Pratik asks her whther shd wahts to wed him to which she says no. Ritesh inquires as to whether Raqesh anc Shamitha gets hitched and bring forth somebody like Pratik then how will they respond. Shamitha says Raqesh will flee. He gives the Pratik’s doll to them. Shamitha says his main issue is temper and he has a decent side. She says he adores his Mother and she is OK ro have him as her child. Shamitha requests that Raqesh hold it with care since she has conceived an offspring with part of trouble. She asks Pratjk doll to not acknowledge things. The two of them imagine like they are taking to Pratik child. Divya requests that they give the child and she will fare thee well. Nishant then, at that point takes and imagines like dropping. Ritesh then, at that point tells Nishant and Divya they have little girl like Shamitha. Divya advises the doll not to wear creator garments and they are not rich. They are working class individuals. She advices not to succumb to Raqesh. Shamitha says there is not much. Ritesh discloses to them that they have brough film titles and they need to do the projecting. They eliminate the blind. They then, at that point keep the title. Pratik projects Divya, Shamitha and Raqesh. They then, at that point keep another title and call Divya. She projects Pratik and herself. She says when they entered the bombabom occurred.

Karan reveals to them now one of them will be out of the race. Since the crowd didn’t give rhem those many votes. He requests that Nishant bring something from the house. He requests that they lift the envelope with theie name. It is their destiny letter. Another person will open it. He requests that Nishant lift it. He counts and Nishant opens it. Shamitha is protected. He then aaks Divya to open and Nishant is protected. He then, at that point requests that Shamitha open and Raqesh gets expelled. Divya is protected. Karan likes him. Raqesh goes out. Raqesh embraces Shamitha and kisses her on her cheek. He embraces everybody and leaves. Karan Johar invites Raqesh on to the stage. Raqesh says his excursion resembled a decent mishap for him. Karan and Rithwik go onto the stage. Karan Johar presents Raqesh and Shamitha’s presentation.

They do a heartfelt dance. Karan reveals to them that they have become one major family ajd there should be something in their souls. He requests that they say what thet have in their souls. Nishant says that he wahts ro apologize to Shamitha really in light of the fact that he has expressed numerous things about her. He says she has consistently been there. He is sorry to her. The two of them embrace one another. He says he needs to apologize to Neha. He says without her the amusement from his side wouldn’t have been this hit. He is sorry to her and expresses gratitude toward her for having mankind in her. He then, at that point apologizes to Raqesh for not remaining with him and for directing mean sentiments toward him. Karan asks Shamitha who says she laments for letting pessimism assuming control over her brain. She misconstrued Divya’s kinship with Raqesh. She accommodates with Shamitha. Karan asks Divya who says she was misconstrued a ton and with whoever she made fellowship, it was with her heart. She needed to appreciate yet when she saw fun recordings she comprehended that she hasn’t done great amd hasn’t got anyone. Divya says whatever she has done or did was to secure herself. She is sorry to everybody for harming them. Karan says now it’s the ideal opportunity for one of them to emerge from the house. He says one of them will be out of the race.

He says who got less votes is Shamitha. He says Shamitha made it ro the main three. He calls her on the stage. She leaves from that point subsequent to offering bye to everybody. Shamitha embraces Karan. Karan gets some information about her inclination to which she says she didn’t feel that awful in light of the fact that she never expected to come till here. Shamitha says she became acclimated to seeing Raqesh. She will miss that. She says that she discovered that she should trust somewhat more. Karan hopes everything would turn great for her. Karan requests to take happiness in Divya and Pratik’s presentation. Divya entertainers on the tune Nagin. Pratik performs on the tune Tashn Mein. The two of them together dance on the tune Jashn E Ishq. Karan says the show is at conclusive stage. Everybody will have a blended inclination. Bigg Boss tells that Divya and Nishant are the two finalists of the house. He says Divya was separated from everyone else as far as possible. While Nishaht had an extraordinary association with Moose.

Divya was hated while Nishaht was loved. The two of them have correspondence on the grounds that their excursion was OTT too. They never got frightened from telling their brain. He says one of them will be champ yet that doesn’t mean the other is the washout since they have won hearts. He hopes everything works out for them. Bigg Boss requests that they leave holding each other’s hands. The two of them say thanks to him. The two of them leave together clasping hands subsequent to saying Love You and Miss You to Bigg Boss House. Karan calls both Nishaht and Divya onto the stage. The two of them embrace him. He asks them how they are feeling. He says one of them will get the prize. He says he can feel their pressure. He wishes them both Love. Divya says she never figured she will be here. Nishant says he believed Pratik to be here however he has bounced. Divya says she believed Shamitha to be here. He asks Nishant who should win to which he says he should win since he played with heart. He has given every available ounce of effort equity.

He asks Divya who says she needs her to win since she has battled a ton. The excursion was exceptionally hard for her. He says now is the ideal time. He takes a gander at their appearances. He says now this is the astonishing and anticipation time. He holds their hands. He lifts both their hands making everybody giggle. Karan says this is gigantic second for everybody. He says the champ of very first period of Bigg Boss OTT is as a matter of fact and lifts the hand of Divya. Divya separates into tears and embraces Karan. Divya takes the prize joyfully. Karan says Divya has impacted the world forever by winning Bigg Boss OTT. He advances Bigg Boss Season Fifteen. Pratik says he is Lion to which Karan says Salman is Tiger. Pratjk says they will get along then to which Karan says he can hardly wait for it. He offers Bye to the Audience.


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