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Bigg Boss OTT 16th September 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT 16th September 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Day 39

08:00 AM

The detainees awaken to the melody chalu mein tere piche. Divya and Nishant dance in the nursery. Shamitha hits the dance floor with Nishant.

11:45 AM

Pratik reveals to Nishant that he figured they will figure it out yet they began battling like distraught. Nishant says assuming they request the appropriate response be that as it may, they say their point. He says he was furious with him that day and that is the reason he has said that. Nishant says it doesn’t make any difference in the event that they don’t talk.

01:30 PM

Nishant says that hr will become robot today to Divya. He says a social robot and acts like robot. He gets some information about the candidates whom they need to know. Divya gets some information about Shamitha to which he says yes for whatever she says. He, at the end of the day, says Neha and says blunder. Neha discloses to Shamitha that she don’t care for Nishant anynore. Nishant comes to Shamitha and requests that she give him a work. She requests that he clear it with Neha to which he denies.

03:15 PM

Divya peruses the letter where it says they are in the finale yet presently there will be just a single victor. They should say concerning why they should win. It says that the debatss will occur. They are approached to sit on the chaurs put in the nursery and they ought to picked whom they don’t view having the right to be a champ.

03:30 PM

Bigg Boss says that the primary possibility goes to Nishant. Nishanth calls Shamitha. Nishant says he winds up meriting and whatever he has given to the show was not given by anybody. He has engaged. This show is to show rheir character henceforth he observes himself to be fit. He says that he don’t discover Shamitha undeserving on the grounds that she never showed her actual character. Shamitha says that she has played well and the two of them are meriting and she has put her game her direction. Nishant says on the off chance that he has persuaded his character, it doesn’t mean he is manipulative. He says that Shamitha has never shown her feedback. Shamitha says she has communicated whatever she feel. The two of them sort of get into a contention. He says her conduct was distinctive for specific individuals. The two of them get into a contention. The hopefuls comes to cast a ballot and Pratik and Divya vote in favor of Nishant.

04:00 PM

Shamitha reveals to Neha that he brings the old things once more. Nishant gets some information about what that desire thing. Pratik discloses to him whatever correspondent said. Nishant says he was not piece of it. Divya comes and says Moose out of desire said the two of them have desire. Pratik says his response will come on the off chance that he becomes more acquainted with what they bitched out. He is baffled. Pratik discloses to him that he ought to have applogised as opposed to battling with her. Neha discloses to Shamitha that she is finished with this bazaar.

04:30 PM

Shamitha says that they have utilized egg on her. Nishant inquires as to why the other stuff smelled when the egg was not broken on them. Shamitha says she is sorry if something to that effect occurred. Nishant says he isn’t agreeing with anybody’s stance. Divya says it’s regarding soil and it was sickening. Pratik says she would have said in her ears in an honorable way as opposed to yelling infront of the world. Divya says she was not off-base. Pratjk says she would have said accommodatingly.

04:45 PM

Pratik wipes Neha’s tears and apologizes to her. Nishant says not Neha but rather Shamitha is off-base. Neha says in the event that one makes an issue of something and bitching. Raqesh discloses to Divya that she wasn’t right and requests that she apologize to her. Raqesh says they shouldn’t giggle about it. Raqesh reveals to her that she has placed him in a spot. Pratik says whatever is correct the crowd is watching and gets some information about it.

05:00 PM

Bigg Boss calls Divya and she calls Shamitha. Divya says that she needs to say that she plays game adjusting both psyche and heart. She is superior to Shamitha on the grounds that she was never one-sided like her and has pointed finger at her relationship with Varun. She isn’t what Shamitha has protrayed. Shamitha says she would prefer not to legitimize herself or guard herself. She needs to keep the pride. Shamitha says Divya turns the things around and accuses others. Divya says that she is glad that she isn’t her companion else she would have been controlled actually like her. They continue contending and the contention closes. Raqesh says he can’t do anything. Pratik and Neha vote in favor of Shamitha. Nishant votes in favor of Divya. Raqesh gets vexed and blows up when they request that he vote. He says he will choose. Pratik requests that he do it as opposed to blowing up. Pratik reclaims his vote.

05:30 PM

Raqesh discloses to Shamitha that he didn’t care for that circumstance. Shamitha reveals to him that she won’t ever coexist with Divya. Neha and Nishant get into a contention. Nishant says she has nothing to say. Neha considers him a snake and says he spits on fellowship. He considers her a phattu. Neha requests that he play on face as opposed to bitching despite her good faith. They continue contending. He says she isn’t tiger however a feline and she knows nothing other than mishandling. Raqesh asks Divya for what good reason did she picked Shamitha when she has issue with Neha too. He says that he has done what he felt was correct. Shamitha discloses to Neha that what might have occurred on the off chance that he casted a ballot. Neha reveals to her that she will remain with her.

06:00 PM

Shamitha reveals to Raqesh that she has clearness concerning whom she needs as companions. She says she won’t ever acknowledge Divya as her companion. She reveals to him that she never needs him to drive Divya on her. Raqesh discloses to her that he can see that change and trust in her. She kisses him on his cheek and he kisses her back.

06:15 PM

Bigg Boss calls Neha and she calls Divya. Neha says that she needs to win and she is an exceptional player. Shs dont need Divya to win. She can be exceptionally pernicious and discourteous. She has no restrictions. She even makes other individual stoop low in different’s eyes for her pleasure and she is setting incorrectly guide to the world. Divya says that when she was told such things in end of the week she never bitched about anybody and she has acknowledged all that she has bitched about.

She advises Shamitha not to make faces. She was anticipating that someone should chat with her and grin with her. How might she anticipate that she should show her great side to other people. Divya asks her where was her philanthropic grounds with Moose. She says that the house targets one individual and the housemates run behind her. Divya says shd had designated alone and she didn’t go to in gatherings. She says she is here to make companions and not fighters for herself.

The two of them get into a contention. They call each other negative. Neha inquires as to whether she puts them ablaze on the off chance that she can place oil in their food. Divya chuckles at her words. Neha says as a result of her Zeeshan is out of the show. Shamitha and Nishant applauds her. Divya asks her not to eat actually like Pratjk didn’t eat in the begining. The two of them again applaud. All the house mates vote fot Neha aside from Nishant.

06:30 PM

Divya and Nishant giggle hifi. Divya says that Shamitha and Neha are frightened of her. Raqesh says that they all were accomplices. He says on a human level that it is difficult to remain solitary and Divya is extraordinary. Divya requests that he embrace her and thet both embrace her. Divya breaks into tears. Raqesh reveals to her that he has regard for her as it were. Shamitha discloses to Neha that Divya is negating herself. Neha says that Divya has embarrassed her a ton of times.

07:15 PM

The signal comes and Shamitha gets frightened. They go into the nursery. Bigg Boss says that somewhat recently they have given an errand to discuss ahd it is to show their point about their excursion so that rhe crowd can comprehend them so they can take a choice. Bigg Boss says first to discussion and afterward the crowd to cast a ballot where they show their understanding however multiple times Raqesh disagreed with anybody and henceforth the undertaking didn’t reach till the end and the assignment is cut short here. Shamitha and Pratik will not find the opportunity to show their point. Nishant discloses to Pratik that even he didn’t cast a ballot. Raqesh says he has done whatever he felt. He is sorry. Nishaht requests that he utilize his own psyche atleast once. Shamitha consoles Raqesh.

07:30 PM

Neha finds out if he needed to offer go-ahead. He says yes. Raqesh requests that Shamitha and Neha not to tslk with him. Neha asks him not to converse with her like that. Raqesh says he had an assessment and he gave that. Nishant says he has said something and that is his perspective.

08:00 PM

Raqesg says he isn’t right and he acknowledges it. Raqesh says he is horrendous and frightened with regards to it. Neha says he has been requesting that she keep her mouth shut ahd this is the thing that they need subsequently she will keep her mouth shut.

08:15 PM

Raqesh says he felt it was nonpartisan for him thus it’s impartial for him. Shamitha says Divya picked her and he would have surrendered thunbs to her. Raqesh says he can’t do that. He says both are off-base to which she says she was not off-base and just kept her point. Neha says she has consistently adored Raqesh.

10:30 PM

Bigg Boss asks rhe candidates to go to the nursery and stand infront of the eating table. Nishant embraces Shamitha and apologizes to her. Nishant embraces Raqesh also. Every one of the competitors embrace one another. Pratik embraces Neha and kisses on her temple. Nishant embraces Neha too. They all assemble in the nursery infront of the eating table. They all substitute circle clasping hands. Nishant conciliatory sentiments to everybody. They all applaud.

10:45 PM

Bigg Boss says that this is finale week and just six picked candidates are remaining. Not long before three days there will be five finalists and one of them will be expelled. This is the last second of the stay in the house. One of the hopeful’s fantasy finishes here. Bigg Boss says that who will remain and who will remove is chosen by the crowd and the outcome is here. Bigg Boss says that the individual who got less votes can be said before that he needs to say five finalists and it’s Divya, Nishant, Pratik, Shamitha and stops prior to saying the name of the fifth one.

He says one from Raqesh and Neha are leaving. He requests that Raqesh and Neha remain close to the Red cross imprint. They do as told. Raqesh and Neha embrace one another. Bigg Boss says that one of them are leaving thus they can say anything they desire to. Neha says thanks to Pratik for being her closest companion. He embraces her and cries. She embraces everybody. Raqesh says that he needs to say thanks to Bigg Boss and the entire group and he never believed that he would come here and it’s an insane month. He will keep every one of the recollections in his heart. He says he has never done this and presently he figured out how to live with others.

Shamitha embraces him. Bigg Boss says that as they can see there are two entrace for them. They with their desire go there and will tru to open the entryway whoever’s entryway opens will be out or one will prompt inside. They do as told. The two of them enter inside. The hopefuls pause. Raqesh returns. Shamitha embraces him. Bigg Boss salutes him. Pratik separates into tears. Divya embraces him cheerfully then followed by Shamitha. Bigg Boss says now hopefuls can decide in favor of theuf top choices. Nishant and Divya embrace one another.

11:15 PM

Nishant comes to Shamitha and spots a kiss on her brow. He embraces Raqesh. Raqesh finds out if they are the finalists. Nishaht reveals to him that he is pleased with him. Divya tells Pratik thay she is glad for him and is glad for him. Nishant embraces him too. Nishant reveals to Pratik that they have made it. Divya advises him to be content for his second.

11:30 PM

Bigg Boss says that currently it’s the ideal opportunity for their report card abdvthey 24*7 live crowd are content with him henceforth there will not be any impact on their tomorrow.

11:45 PM

Raqesh says his culpability was killing him inside. He is sorry to Shamitha.

12:00 AM

Nishant discloses to Shamitha that he truly needs to say sorry to her and apologizes fof saying whatever he has said to her. The two of them embrace one another.

12:30 AM

Nishant asks the candidates where they are prepared to rehash the subsequent excursion. Nishant claims to be each contender making everybody. At the point when he imagines like Divya, she requests that he fuck off. He then, at that point imagines like Pratik. He then, at that point professes to be hyperactive. Divya imagines like Nishant making everybody snicker.

01:30 PM

Pratik discloses to Nishaht that everybody used to chill and he used to eat. Nishant says he don’t have that fulfillment. He isn’t happy with his excursion. They are top five finalists. Pratik says he used to prod Neha a ton.

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