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Bigg Boss OTT 10th September 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT 10th September 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

In the present scene, we saw, Nishant Bhat draws a cover on Moose Jattana. She awakens and sits mindfully as he finishes the special work of art on her cheek. In spite of the way that their connections have now been cut off, the two hold a solid bond and much of the time get to know each other.

In the interim, Neha Bhasin and Divya Agarwal contend during the first round for the finale tickets. After much nudging and squeezing, Divya effectively pushes Neha’s fluid container. Shamita Shetty gets into a battle with Raqesh Bapat in regards to Divya. She hammers Raqesh for showing leniency to her. During a conversation, Shamita reveals to Neha Bhasin that Raqesh can’t see Divya’s genuine person.

Afterward, Raqesh demands Shamita to quit conversing with Pratik Sehajpal. Shamita inquires as to whether he was requesting her to quit speaking with Pratik as she requested that he quit addressing Divya. Divya catches this and shouts at Shamita. She shouts and places oil into the dish Shamita was getting ready.

Subsequently, Raqesh and Shamita get into one more contention. Pratik routs Shamita during the assignment and gets the pass straightforwardly to the finale. Shamita shouts at him.

Afterward, there was a reasonable break among Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat. Raqesh was found in the day mentioning Neha Bhasin to disclose to Shamita that he would not like to trouble her. Raqesh and Nishant are the two contenders saved from end this week. Others Divya Agarwal, Moose Jattana, Neha Bhasin, Shamita Shetty, and Pratik Sehajpal have been shortlisted for the end.

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