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Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2021 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The Episode begins with Rishi tells to Karishma that Ayush was correct and Lakshmi attempted to save me from these claims and didn’t imagine that she is new to city And we need to say thanks to her. Neelam leaves than Karishma to leaves with her little girls. Dadi Apologies to Lakshmi for misconception her. Lakshmi takes her to room. Rishi expresses gratitude toward Ayush for taking stand of Lakshmi before everybody. Ayush passes on to his room.

Shalu and Bani calls Rishi and asks him to don’t misconstrue their Sister aims. Rishi lets them know all is well and it’s not Lakshmi botch. Shalu and Bani feels content with his trust and lets him know that he is ideal. Virendra tells to Neelam that Ayush was right and Lakshmi is jewel. Neelam says she is your class so you will like her. Lakshmi goes to their room with water and thinks why mummy ji talking in this manner than she passes on Giving water to them.

Karishma says Rishi and Everyone at home is changing something do as well. Malishka says Rishi isn’t changing and you need to chat with Ayush as he is taking Lakshmi side . Sonia says he will not change and ultimately he upholds you as Rishi loves you.

Ayush tells to Ahana that Malishka isn’t make a difference to me and Lakshmi feels Rishi is world to her and can do anything for himself and he is fortunate to get a spouse like her. Ahana says she excessively felt same. Rishi catches their discussion. Malishka says Rishi loves me not Lakshmi and he breezed through my assessment as well so quit taking pressure seeing me as Rishi won’t ever adore Lakshmi.

Rishi goes to his room and asks her what occurred. Lakshmi in tears says I needed to save you however your name gets discolored more in light of my error. Rishi says individuals believes I’m fortunate to have you as you battle with entire world for myself and already I’m valuable to you and presently you’re valuable to me. Lakshmi cries gravely. Rishi inquires as to why she is crying. Lakshmi says it reminds Dad. Rishi inquires as to whether she is feeling the loss of her Dad. Lakshmi says yes I’m missing him and she cries on his shoulder. Rishi upholds her and thinks back how Lakshmi protected him and how Malishka compromised him with her self destruction. Rishi wipes her tears and makes her grin.

Neelam couldn’t rest thinking Ayush words that Lakshmi is the person who’s is thinking for Lakshmi. Virendra requests that she rest however she lets him know that she can’t rest until she saves Rishi from claims . Neelam and Sonia meets Shanaya and offers her powerful sum to reclaim the case. Rohan available to come in to work requests that she deny the cash seeing with regards to their family in wiki. Neelam threefold the proposal to 2 crore and Shanaya denies listening Rohan words. Neelam says 5mintues is finished and equity will happen to my child yet think what befalls you later as you going to lament forever. Rohan gets back to home than Shanaya admonishes him for making her denied the proposition. Rohan says don’t stress they will hurry to you once Rishi gets captured than take 200crores from them. Shanaya grins.


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