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Barrister Babu 7th October 2021 Written Update

Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 7th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Bonditta tying Chandrachur in the jeep. Bonditta reviews Aniruddh advising her to take the jeep. Police gives Anirudh malpua saying it is Durga Maa’s prasad. Anirudh swoons subsequent to eating it and the police opens his cuffs. A little kid dressed as Durga comes before Bonditta’s vehicle and she takes endowments from her. Bonditta sees Trilochan and Thakur’s mother taking Anirudh in their jeep. Bonditta reviews Trilochan and Thakur Maa arranging. Trilochan tells Anirudh he will do everything except he will not allow them to keep him in prison. Bonditta figures she will not allow Trilochan to free Anirudh like this as it is off-base.

Bonditta attaches Chandrachur and attempts to stop Trilochan. Thakur Maa tells Trilochan he didn’t do anything wrong. Bonditta gets Trilochan and advises him there is no compelling reason to do this now as she has a tracked down another proof. Bonditta says Chandrachur is alive and is tied up in his jeep. Bonditta carries Trilochan and Thakur Maa to her jeep yet Chandrachur has as of now got away. Trilochan thinks Bonditta is lying and keeps on taking Anirudh to Italy.

Bonditta tells if Trilochan in the event that he sends Aniruddh to Italy he will end up being a criminal according to law. Thakur Maa advises Bonditta to leave their direction. Bonditta tells Anirudh will not have the option to leave like a criminal he will consistently be pitiful and how might she remain without him? Trilochan tells he knows nothing and advises her to leave his direction or he should push her. Bonditta tosses water all over and awakens him. Aniruddh tells it isn’t great to flee from prison like this. Trilochan tells and is rebuffing an honest man great? Anirudh tells he believes Bonditta and she is his Barrister and he confides in her completely,she will demonstrate him blameless before everybody.

Bonditta tells she needs to discover Chandrachur and present him in court since she is the last proof. Anirudh tells Chandrachur will not flee and his fondness for you will bring about his downfall. Bonditta begins hacking and Aniruddh goes to bring water for her. Chandrachur tells Bonditta no one but he can save Anirudh and assuming she needs that she needs to meet him in Calcutta Club. Chandrachur undermines Bonditta on the off chance that she attempts to call police he will get Anirudh killed as his men are all over keeping eyes on him.

Police cames and takes Aniruddh with them. Bonditta embraces Anirudh beore leaving as rishta tera mera plays in BM. Bonditta goes to the club and gets a message from the server to leave her sack and stroll towards right. The server removes her sack and brings one more note for her. Chandrachur advised Bonditta to wear the dress in red box and sit tight for him. The scene closes with Chandrachur gazing at Bonditta.


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